Students gather in the Hinman Research Building to review portfolios at the Fall 2018 Portfolio Competition and Celebration.

2020 Portfolio Competition Winners

2020 Portfolio Competition Winners

We wrap up each fall semester by hosting a Portfolio Competition and Celebration, and this year was no different. We're excited to announce this year's group of winning portfolios from each studio across the School of Architecture. 

First Year Studio Winners

A page from Rahul Subramanian's portfolio featuring sketches and models of a pavilion.

Rahul Subramanian

Studio: Amaral & Reviewer: Romm

A page from Yiting Li's portfolio of the final rendering of her pavilion project.

Yiting Li

Studio: Dimitropoulos & Reviewer: Pearsall

The opening page of Kotaro Ito's portfolio featuring a square image of a map of a familiar location.

Kotaro Ito

Studio: Rinehart & Reviewer: Dortdivanlioglu

Two pages from Jiahe Xu's portfolio featuring renderings and models of his project titled Grid Out.

Jiahe Xu

Studio: Roark & Reviewer: Economou

Two pages from Ella Petry's portfolio featuring a diagram and a model of her pavilion.

Ella Petry

Studio: Bushehri & Reviewer: Marratt

Sophomore Studio Winners

A page from Susanna Greiner's portfolio featuring models from her project titled Space As Medium

Susanna Greiner

Studio: Dortdivanlioglu & Reviewer: Rinehart

Cover image of Sarah Davis' portfolio featuring a model from her sophomore studio.

Sarah Davis

Studio: Spuybroek & Reviewer: Baerlecken

A spread from Sam Amick's portfolio showing the alignment of panels and the framework it creates.

Sam Amick

Studio: Marratt & Reviewer: Bushehri

Spread from Thomas Bordeaux's portfolio of geometric pattern intersections.

Thomas Bordeaux

Studio: Romm & Reviewer: Amaral

Junior Studio Winners

Page from Daisy Acosta's portfolio of her their year project located at the North Avenue Bridge.

Daisy Acosta Pliego

Studio: Economou & Reviewer: Roark

Image from Colin Woodham's portfolio of a large, purple structure.

Colin Woodham

Studio: Baerlecken & Reviewer: Spuybroek

Exterior rendering of a building by Andres Troncoso.

Andres Troncoso

Studio: LaBlanc & Reviewer: Dagenhart

A page from Carolina Fernandez' portfolio featuring an image that plays with light and dark called The Helix.

Carolina Fernandez

Studio: Kaseman & Reviewer: Johnston

Senior Studio Winners

A collage of images of street views and art from a project featured in Chloe Kiernicki's portfolio.

Chloe Kiernicki

Studio: Pearsall & Reviewer: Dimitropoulos

Tech Tower served as a site for the a project featured in Ziyi Zhang

Ziyi Zhang

Studio: Khan & Reviewer: Howard

Core I Studio Winner

Models featured in Rich Fridy's portfolio.

Richard Fridy

Studio: Rudolph & Reviewer: Cottle

Advanced 1 Studio Winners

Renders of Miguel Arana's the Light of Absense project as featured in his portfolio.

Miguel Arana

Studio: Johnston & Reviewer: Kaseman

Renderings of the InterPLAY Neighborhood Kids Center

Katelyn Dimopoulos

Studio: Kim & Reviewer: Peponis

Models of Palav Patel's project Light-Space-Matter as featured in Palav's portfolio.

Palav Patel

Studio: Cottle & Reviewer: Rudolph

Infinity drawing as part of Luke Davis' project for Michael Gamble's fall 2020 studio title Recorder.

Luke Davis

Studio: Gamble & Reviewer: Mesa

D+R Studio Winners

Models from Quynh Pham's Fabricated Homescapes project as featured in her portfolio.

Ngoc Quynh Pham

Studio: Mesa & Reviewer: Gamble

Renderings of different phases from Herman Howard's Urban Farm studio project by Rachael Carstens as featured in her portfolio.

Rachael Carstens

Studio: Howard & Reviewer: Khan

Site information and ground floor plans for project rooms for a school of music from Varun Sethi's portfolio.

Varun Sethi

Studio: Peponis & Reviewer: Kim

Renderings of Hurt Park from the Green New Deal Super Studio by Dylan Bonsignore as featured in his portfolio.

Dylan Bonsignore

Studio: Dagenhart & Reviewer: LeBlanc


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