Caite Canfield

Caite Canfield

Candidate in 3.5-year Master of Architecture degree program

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: My favorite aspect of Georgia Tech is the supportive culture in and out of the classroom. Despite the high competition and working with the best of the best, everyone in the program works as a team together. One might think that given the high level of competition, people might try and tear one another down to succeed. That is not the case at Georgia Tech. Success is always praised! If you love to work hard, succeed and have people that believe in you, Georgia Tech is the place to be. We are all on the same team and everyone is proud of each other!

Why did you decide to study architecture? I decided to study architecture given my interests and undergraduate majors. I double-majored in Applied Mathematics and Studio Art, concentration in Jewelry & Metals, secondary emphasis in Sculpture. After working for Tiffany & Co. in NYC at the Jewelry Design and Innovation Studio, I found a love for Architecture in its smallest form! Having a love for both Art, Design, and Math It just so happened that architecture lies in equilibrium with all these elements.  

Student organizations: Hinman Library TA, Sustainable Studio Initiative (ECO), and Equity in Architecture (EQiA). 

One word to describe what you thought before you started: Apprehensive
One word to describe what you think now:  Enlightened

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