Claire Puckhaber

Claire Puckhaber

Class of 2024

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: My favorite thing about Georgia Tech is all of the opportunities the school offers! Not only am I certain I’m getting a solid education, but advisors and professors work hard to make sure students have many opportunities to further their career path in different ways.

What do you do for fun in Atlanta? Atlanta has so much to offer, so I like to try new things around the city! I enjoy trying new places to eat, thrifting, and visiting places like the High Museum of Art and the Georgia Aquarium! Atlanta’s not too far from the mountains of North Georgia too, so I like to go hiking and check out little antique shops when I can!

What has been your favorite class? History of Architecture I! I love learning about history, and I’m especially passionate about historical architecture!

Which student organizations do you belong to? I’m involved with Grace House on campus as well as ORGT!

Words to describe what you thought before you started: Anxious

Words to describe what you think now: Determined

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