Students present work in the DFL at Georgia Tech

Design Technology

Design Technology

Digital information technologies have profoundly affected architectural discourse and practice. New types of representation and manufacturing, emergent materials and technologies, innovating modes of collaboration and project delivery, all constitute a profoundly new discourse that has revolutionized the ways architects design, think and talk about architecture, design and buildings. The Design Technology area addresses this emergent all-encompassing computational basis for architectural design both through a set of discrete tracks of study and research as well as through projects of synthesis and a culture of school wide exchange. The work draws upon relations with other disciplines at Georgia Tech including allied fields within the College of Design as well as the Colleges of Computing, Engineering, Sciences, Business, and the Liberal Arts.

Research Areas

parametric possibilities for a wall

Computational Design

A snippet of a project delivery system from the Digital Building Lab

Building Information & Systems

Shape computation card

Design Computation

High performance building graphic card

High Performance Building

sculpture hanging in student commons at Georgia Tech

Materials, Systems, Fabrication

Photo of a giant solar panel by Biel Morror from Unsplash

Net Zero Housing

Research Labs

High Performance Building Lab

Shape Computation Lab

Associated Centers

Digital Building Lab

SimTigrate Design Lab

IPaT | Institute of People and Technology

Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines


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