Materials, Systems, Fabrication

Recent architectural discourse places a renewed interest in the connection between design and making, recognizing that how building elements are created has a direct impact on the formal and performance aspects of the project. The School of Architecture has numerous resources that contribute to a world-class inquiry into the spectrum of concerns surrounding fabrication, new materials, and new ways of thinking about manufactured buildings systems.


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Russell Gentry

Associate Director, Digital Fabrication Lab; Associate Professor, School of Architecture
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Daniel Baerlecken

Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Tristan Al-Haddad profile image

Tristan Al-Haddad

Part-Time Lecturer, School of Architecture
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Keith Kaseman

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

Our Facilities and Resources

The Digital Building Lab’s assembly exchange standards group works with trade groups as diverse as the American Institute of Steel Construction and the Precast Concrete Institute to identify the systems of collaboration and data exchange throughout the industry. The Digital Fabrication Lab is the world’s largest industrially CNC design lab, with over 15,000 square feet of traditional and robotic fabrication and testing equipment dedicated to building industry fabrication projects.

The school provides instruction in relevant topics including fabrication and machining, parametric modeling and mass customization, robotics, and Internet of Things project development. The School’s materials and assemblies programs are augmented by strong connections to the School of Mechanical Engineering and System Engineering, and programs in Robotics and Materials.


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