Godfried L. Augenbroe

Professor Emeritus


MSc Civil Engineering, TU Delft


Building Performance, Simulation, Energy, lighting, Ventilation, Thermal Comfort, Energy Infrastructures


Godfried Augenbroe has a 35 year track record of teaching and research in the building science. His main expertise is in modeling and simulation of buildings at various scales. He is internationally recognized in promoting professional use of building simulation and has served on the board of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA). In the nineties he coordinated four major EU-funded consortia of academic and industrial partners in the fields of design tool interoperability (COMBINE, 1990-1995), energy performance simulation, outsourcing and project planning (e-HUBS, 2002-2005).

Augenbroe has been main advisor of 30+ PhD graduates in Europe and the USA. He teaches graduate courses and conducts research in the fields of building performance, computational building simulation, indoor air quality, intelligent building systems, uncertainty and risk, system monitoring and diagnostics. He serves on the scientific board of five international journals and has published over 200 refereed papers and three books.

Augenbroe has obtained major research grants in Europe and the US. Most recently he received the NSF EFRI-SEED award “Risk conscious design and retrofit of buildings for low energy”, $2.0 Million, 2010-2014. He has given many keynote lectures, most recently at the 2015 Building Simulation Conference in Hyderabad where he also received the distinguished achievement award from IBPSA.


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Book Chapters:

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Selected papers:

Q Wang, BD Lee, G Augenbroe, CJJ Paredis (2016). An application of normative decision theory to the valuation of energy efficiency investments under uncertainty. Automation in Construction, Volume 73, January 2017, Pages 78-87

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Augenbroe G., Brown J., Heo Y., Kim, S., Li Z., McManus S., Zhao F. (2008). Lessons from an advanced building simulation course. Proceedings SimBuild 08, Berkeley, August 2008, pp261-268.

Georgia Tech Institute award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Advisor, April 2017

Second place with Georgia Tech HPB student team in BS2017 building energy modeling competition, San Francisco, August 2017

Distinguished Achievement Award, International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA), December 2015, Hyderabad, India.

First prize ($5000) with Georgia Tech HPB student team in Virtual Building Triathlon competition, ASHRAE Winter Meeting, Las Vegas, January 2017.

Inducted as IBPSA fellow (2012)

Best paper award Building Simulation BS11 Conference, Sydney, 2011.

First prize in hybrid ventilation competition with Georgia Tech student team, BS2009 conference, Glasgow 2009

Lifetime achievement award for work in building simulation, International Building Performance Simulation Association, USA, 2008

Best paper award at SimBuild Conference, Berkeley 2008

ARCH 6226: Green Construction
ARCH 6241: Building Simulation in Design Practice
ARCH 8685: Building Simulation seminar
ARCH 7252: Computational Building Simulation
ARCH 8100: Intro Architectural Research: Performance-based design
ARCH 8803: Special topics in building performance