James Park

Instructor; Ph.D. Candidate


Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, Current
Master of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012


Generative design; Building typology; Courthouse design; Shape grammars; Formal specification of shapes; Parametric modeling


James Park is a Ph.D. student in the School of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research investigates courthouses as a building type and focuses on designing and implementing a generative description of the building type in the form of a shape grammar. James is a research assistant at the Shape Computation Lab and his contributions include the administration of a funded research project, Courtsweb: A visual database of contemporary US courthouses, in collaboration with GSA and US Courts; generative and parametric modeling in formal design studies; and design and implementation of various databases and web applications. He is an instructor for the series of courses on computational media and modeling at the School of Architecture and a teaching assistant for the Georgia Tech Architectonics in Greece and Italy Study Abroad Program. James holds a BSArch and an M.Arch from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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ARCH 6010/1020: Media and Modeling I

ARCH 6020/2020: Media and Modeling II

ARHC 8833/4833: Advanced Rhino