Drone-captured image over Tech Tower. Photo by Prajwal M Revanna

Neighborhood Analytics

Neighborhood Analytics

The scope of the Neighborhood Analytics group is to explore the ways in which we discuss and understand the performance of urban territories, their structures, and inhabitants. We seek to find ways of manifesting the otherwise unrepresentable (behavior or psychogeography) or under-represented (communities or aspects of the urban fabric).  

Current tools for describing and simulating performance focus primarily on the descriptions of mechanical and physical aspects of urban environments (energy, water, carbon, etc.). These fail to capture immaterial performance that ultimately influences material performance metrics. By finding alternative means of investigating, capturing, and representing these other performance qualities, we seek to empower design practitioners to envision better urban spaces. 


Erin Heidelberger's headshot

Erin Heidelberger

M.S. Student
Hala Alfalih's headshot

Hala Alfalih

M.S. Student
Tarek Rakha's headshot

Tarek Rakha

Ph.D., Assistant Professor


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