Quynh Pham

Quynh Pham

Candidate in Dual 3.5-year Master of Architecture and Master of City & Regional Planning degree program

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: I love that the curriculum and environment allow for spillovers to occur between the different schools within the College of Design. As a dual-degree student, it was important to me to find a school that had a good amount of synergy between disciplines. At Georgia Tech one can take electives outside of the School of Architecture and participate in studios and design competitions that offer exposure to city planning, real estate development, and urban design. Additionally, the openness of the two architecture buildings encourage students to explore the work of others, welcoming opportunities for serendipitous encounters and sources of inspiration.

Why did you decide to study architecture? I studied landscape architecture as an undergraduate student, yet I knew before graduating that I would want to one day supplement my education with a master's in architecture. After a few years in practice, I witnessed how the work of different design disciplines can often become compartmentalized. By studying architecture, I hope to understand how to achieve greater synergy between the two disciplines.

Student organizations: I am currently a member of the Student Planning Association and plan to soon join Equity in Architecture at Georgia Tech and NOMAS.

One word to describe what you thought before you started: Intimidating
One word to describe what you think now: Exhilarating

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