Spring 2021 Graduate Studios

ARCH 6040 | Portman Prize Studio

David Yocum, Jude LeBlanc, Heather Potts, Charles Rudolph

Guest Critic: Mario Goodman

Each student shall prepare a design intervention for a 42,000 SF exhibition and performance building at the historic site of the original Negro Building in Piedmont Park. The studio should assume that the context for this intervention is a “New South and International Exposition” to be held in the park in the near future that commemorates the 1895 Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition. The facility should include exhibitions spaces, Climate Hall, Justice Center, screening rooms, lecture hall, and performance theater.

ARCH 6050/7014 | Ellen Dunham-Jones

Design, Metrics, and Green New Deal Proposals: North Dekalb Mall, The Gallery at South Dekalb

Both dying malls are along proposed MARTA bus rapid transit routes and back into creeks they’ve been polluting for decades, yet they differ in their topography and local demographics. After benchmarking both sites’ existing performance in terms of jobs, justice, climate, and other indicators, teams will set targets for their redevelopment designs. For instance, one team might focus on reducing urban heat island 40%, reducing GHG emissions 80%, and doubling the number of affordable housing units within ½ mile of transit. Another team might focus on decreasing per capita energy use 50%, decreasing stormwater runoff 80% and doubling jobs onsite. For each site, one team will be charged to retain and repurpose the existing mall building while the other team will be expected to demolish most of the building and start anew. All teams will also propose immediate “tactical urbanist” first steps.

ARCH 6050 | Daniel Baerlecken

Structural Folds

The Design and Research Studio Structural Folds focuses on exploring concepts of folding as a form-generator for structural and architectural systems that allow for the ability to deploy structures (dynamic) or increase the structural performance of a surface through folding (frozen). The studio will research different types of folded structures and focus on a parametric modeling process that allows performance evaluation of different types of origami. The workflow between scripting-based form generation and physical prototyping will be established to explore the scalability from a thin microstructure to a thickened structure.

ARCH 6050 | Herman Howard

Design and Research: Bransby Rock Chapel Park

This semester is Part 2 of a 2 Semester Studio. With a focus on the following: Working with the Community / Creating a Master Plan for the +/- 40 Acre site / Creating a Design for the identified built elements / both open and enclosed / Building the structures – in collaboration with the Fabrication Lab.

ARCH 6050 | Lars Spuybroek

99 Stellavista: The Robot House

The studio will use the notion of a robot house to investigate a broad range of questions about inhabitation. For example, do we by definition inhabit a house with previous or even imagined inhabitants? Are all houses haunted, in a way? Or, what is the nature of service? When a house “serves” the inhabitant, does that involve the famous master-slave relationship so deeply studied by Hegel?—after all, the word “domination” stems from the Latin domus, “house.” What, then, does comfort mean? Does that mean a house can fully take over our lives, close its own curtains and, via the so-called “internet of things,” replenish the groceries and order our pizza? How does home automation relate to our own automated behavior such as habits? Or, when we design a fully robotized house, how far can that push the interaction with the inhabitant, and is the robot-house then still a house or is it simply a second inhabitant, like Gloria Tremayne?

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