Aaliyah Alvarez

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Class of 2024

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: My favorite thing about Tech is the friends that I have made. They constantly push me and motivate me to do the best that I can. From having long study sessions at West Village, to playing volleyball at 12 AM, my friends have become my home away from home.

What do you do for fun in Atlanta? While in Atlanta, I enjoy trying out different food spots and shopping centers. Since campus is only 10 minutes away from Atlantic Station, I tend to go there once a week and eat at California Pizza Kitchen.

What has been your favorite class? My favorite class has been Foundation Studio 1016. Studio is a completely different class from any other course I have taken. It has allowed me to interact with people who are interested in the same thing as me and has helped me improve my design skills. Whenever I go to studio, my peers are always able to put a smile on my face

Which student organizations do you belong to? Global Leadership Living Learning Community (GLLC) and American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

Words to describe what you thought before you started: Nervous

Words to describe what you think now: Confident

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