2020 Awards Day

Awards and Winners

  • Recognition of Rho Chapter of the Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society
    • Graduating Spring 2020:
      Michelle Bunch
      Emily Wilson
      Emma Chasteen
      Reem Alshamaa
      Kyle Barber
      Tia Calhoun
      Monica Rizk*
      Sara Laudeman*
      Marta McClelland*
      Maria Pastorelli*
      *denotes newly inducted

    • New Inductees Fall 2019:
      Brooke Ulmanis
      Chloe Kiernicki
      Ziyi Zhang

  • The School of Architecture Class of 1979 Award
    • Chloe Kiernicki (B.S. in Architecture)

  • Alan Salzman Scholarship
    • Sean Li (B.S. in Architecture)

  • Albert Lee Hawes Scholarship
    • Elisabelle Kaputo (B.S. in Architecture)
    • Ziyi Zhang (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Academic Achievement and Professional Promise Award
    • Kathi Tran (B.S. in Architecture)

  • John William Sandeford Memorial Scholarship
    • Hafsa Siap (M.Arch)

  • Stanley, Love-Stanley Award​
    • Dominique Dawson (B.S. in Architecture)
    • Bangseh Akuchu (M.Arch)
  • Arthur Frank Beckum Jr. Memorial Award
    • Ben Mayo (B.S. in Architecture)

  • Stevens & Wilkinson Scholarship
    • Monica Magcalas (M.Arch)

  • Nix Mann Fellowship
    • Barrett Blaker (M.Arch)

  • T. Gordon Little Fellowship
    • Caite Canfield (M.Arch)
    • Christopher Tromp (M.Arch)
    • Zachary Brown (M.Arch)
  • Charles Brown Urban Design Fellowship
    • Joel Jassu (MSUD)
    • Moutushi Majid (MSUD)


  • William H. Harrison Chair Fellowship
    • 2019-2020 Recipient
      Ashley Baldwin (M.Arch)

  • Niles Bolton & Associates Firm Fellowship
    • 2019-2020 Recipients
      Hafsa Siap (M.Arch) Nicole Schmitz (M.Arch) Paola Santiago- Toledo (M.Arch)

  • Perkins & Will Firm Fellowship
    • 2019-2020 Recipient
      William Reynolds (M.Arch)

  • Dean’s Fellowship in Honor of John Portman
    • 2019-2020 Recipient
      Rand Zalzala (M.Arch)

  • Alpha Rho Chi Medal
    • Anna McCuan (B.S. in Architecture)

  • Gwinner AIAS Student Leadership Awards
    • Colt Brock (B.S. in Architecture), Incoming President
    • Katelyn Hestad (B.S. in Architecture), Incoming Vice President, Undergraduate
    • Christopher Tromp (M.Arch), Incoming Vice President, Graduate


  • Henry Adams AIA Gold Medal & Certificate of Achievement
    • Michelle Bunch (M.Arch)

  • School of Architecture Leadership, Service and Professional Promise Award
    • Sara Laudeman (M.Arch)

  • The Lord Aeck Sargent Design Fellowship
    • Ameya Yawalkar (M.Arch)

  • Mike Rice Design Competition (Freshman Studio)
    • First Prize - Maria Malloch (B.S. in Architecture)
    • Second Prize - Linna Xia (B.S. in Architecture)
    • Third Prize - Marianna Godfrey (B.S. in Architecture)
    • Honorable Mention - Walden Jones (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Earthshare Fellowship
    • Katelyn Dimopoulos (M.Arch)

  • Architecture Foundation of Georgia Scholarship
    • Hafsa Siap (M.Arch)
    • Kristy Cho (M.Arch)
    • Quynh Pham (M.Arch)
  • Dagmar Epsten Environmental Vision Prize
    • First Prize: Circadian Ameliorator

      • Arti Verma (M.Arch)
      • Nourhan Elsayad (M.S. in Architecture, High Performance Buildings)
      • Devanshi Kesaria (M.Arch)
    • Second Prize: ART Factory

      • Robert Viavodiss (M.Arch)
      • Deva Shree Saini (M.S. in Architecture, High Performance Buildings)


    • Third Prize:Temporal Chroma

      • Daniela Marquez (M.Arch)
      • Tarek Sherif (M.S. in Architecture High Performance Buildings)


    • Honorable Mention: Coral Glow, Puerto Rico

      • Bianca Abad Campos (M.Arch)
      • Jayati Chhabra (M.S. in Architecture, High Performance Buildings)
    • Honorable Mention: Miami Filter

      • Colin Grill (M.Arch)
      • Darcy J. Brown (M.Arch) 
      • Madison Prince (M.S. in Architecture, High Performance Buildings) 


  • Top High Performance Building Student Award
    • Jayati Chhabra (M.S. in Architecture, High Performance Buildings)

  • Urban Land Institute - Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition
    • “Health on Higher Ground”– Faculty Advisor, John Threadgill, Professional Advisor, Coston Dickinson, and Georgia Tech Coordinators, Ellen Dunham-Jones and Rick Porter          
      Zachary Brown (M.Arch)
      George Doyle (MSUD)
      Eleni Kroi (MSUD)
      Brock Thompson (MCRP)
      Rand Zalzala (M.Arch) 

    • “Living Rooms”– Faculty Advisor, Brian Bell, Professional Advisor, Jeff Williams, and Georgia Tech Coordinators, Ellen Dunham-Jones and Rick Porter          
      Conner Smith (M.Arch)
      Wanli Gao (M.Arch)
      Joel Jassu (MSUD) 
      ShuHui “Giselle” Zhen (MCRP)
      Nicholas Ferran (MRED)

  • ARCC King Student Medal
    • Chen Feng, Ph.D., Advisor - Professor John Peponis
      Title: Structures and Types of Differentiated Street Grids: The Generation, Analysis, and Sorting of Universes of Superblock Designs

  • Lewis F. & Patricia R. Lanter Student Award
    • Phuong “Karen” Tran (B.S. in Architecture)

  • James Bowden Addy Award for Outstanding Undergraduate in the Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree Program
    • Anna McCuan (B.S. in Architecture)

  • Alex Roush Design+Research Prize
    • Michelle Bunch (M.Arch)

  • Top Designer for Master of Science in Urban Design
    • Jun Wang (MSUD)

  • Marthame Sanders Award for Top Designer for Master of Architecture
    • Clay Kiningham (M.Arch)

  • Portman Prize​
    • Jury Chair: Alan Organschi, Partner, Gray Organschi Architecture, 2020 Portman Prize Visiting Critic
      First Place (TIE): Himanshi Chrangoo
      First Place (TIE): Carly Langsdorf
      Second Place: Bryce Truitt
      Honorable Mention: Jane Rodrigues 
      Honorable Mention: Paola Santiago-Toledo

  • TA and Future Faculty Awards Recognized at the Institute Awards Day
    • James Park (Ph.D. in Architecture) – Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award
    • Anna Kiningham (M.Arch) – Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
    • Monica Rizk (B.S. in Architecture) – Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award


  • Dean William L. Fash Award for Teaching Excellence
    • Professor John Peponis


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