Perry Yang presents a workshop on Space of Place and Space of Flow at the 2020 Divergence in Architectural Research Symposium



At Georgia Tech, inquisitiveness is an essential trait of the culture of design, and research is the fundamental activity by which we advance this aspiration. The Georgia Tech School of Architecture offers specializations in architecture, culture, and behavior, design technology, history, theory, and criticism, and urbanism. 


We conduct research in areas of architecture, culture, and behavior, design technology, history, theory, culture, and urbanism. Students in our programs participate in these research areas and often collaborate with other Schools at Georgia Tech to further develop explorations on these topics. 

Collaborative project by the Georgia Tech School of Architecture and the University of Minnesota to study how subject examine the structure of street networks.

Architecture, Culture, and Behavior

Architecture reflects and creates the human experience. The evolution of organizations, economies, technologies, and culture continuously redefines the way in which built space supports and makes intelligible patterns of everyday life, work, communication, collaboration, exchange, learning, and creativity, or the identity of communities and institutions.

High Performance Buildings heat map

Building Design Technology

Digital information technologies have profoundly affected architectural discourse and practice. New types of representation and manufacturing, emergent materials and technologies, innovating modes of collaboration and project delivery, all constitute a profoundly new discourse that has revolutionized the ways architects design, think and talk about architecture, design and buildings. 

Graph representing Semantic Web Ontologies for Building Envelopes and their Performance Data

Design Computation

Design Computation explores the theoretical and practical basis of design as a computational premise. The possibility of design is viewed through the lens of the history and theoretical foundations of fields as diverse as computer science, mathematics, AI, logic, and cybernetics. 

Heather Hyde Minor presented the 2020 Academy of Medicine Lecture on Classical Architecture with What Piranesi Drew

History, Theory, Criticism

Drawing on the unique range of disciplines and professions within the College and the Institute, faculty contribute to a growing field of cross-cultural studies and interdisciplinary scholarship that use concepts from humanistic, social scientific, and technical disciplines, some traditionally seen as outside the purview of architectural history and theory in order to better understand the material, spatial, intellectual, and ideological dimensions of the physical world.

Climate change project titled Live. Grow. Share. by Joshua MacBeth and Shreya Kumar


Our research into urbanism seeks to understand how we shape our cities to provide the highest quality of life, share resources equitably, promote ecological performance and address unprecedented 21st century challenges. Highly collaborative, researchers in urbanism partner with sponsors around the planet and colleagues across Georgia Tech – especially those in the highly ranked School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and School of City and Regional Planning. 

School of Architecture Research Labs

Faculty and students sitting at a table watching a presenter show information on a screen.

Flourishing Communities Collaborative

Sun, radiation, and wind tracking for building performance

High Performance Building Lab

Shape Computation project by Robert Vaivodiss from Thanos Economou's Fall 2019 design and research studio

Shape Computation Lab

Live Mixed Reality (MR) view of Manifold Skin

Spatial Futures Lab

College of Design Research Centers

The School of Architecture works closely with two College of Design research centers, the Digital Building Lab, and SimTigrate Design Lab.

Smart Buildings, Infrastructure, and Environments study

Digital Building Lab

Hands pointing at an iPad as they look at spatial analysis of a floor plan.

SimTigrate Design Lab


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