Five students studying and reviewing designs in the SimTigrate Design Lab.

Architecture, Culture & Behavior

Architecture, Culture & Behavior

Architecture reflects and creates human experience. The evolution of organizations, economies, technologies and culture continuously redefines the way in which built space supports and makes intelligible patterns of everyday life, work, communication, collaboration, exchange, learning and creativity, or the identity of communities and institutions.

Research in the School of Architecture in Architecture, Culture and Behavior (ACB) develops tools, models and theories for better understanding, quantifying and evaluating the performance of built space relative to its human functions. ACB contributes to the formulation of the programmatic aims of design and the development and comparative evaluation of design proposals. It also contributes to the assessment of existing building stock relative to its capacity to accommodate emerging needs.

Research Areas

Spatial use in a library represented in heat maps.

Spatial Morphology

SimTigrate Design Lab students at work

Evidence-Based Design


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