Heat maps of three different room layouts from the High Performance Building Lab

Research Labs

Research Labs

At Georgia Tech, inquisitiveness is an essential trait of the culture of design, and research is the fundamental activity by which we advance this aspiration. The Georgia Tech School of Architecture offers specializations in architecture, culture, and behavior, design technology, history, theory, and criticism, and urbanism. 

To pursue these goals, the School of Architecture is home to, and collaborates with, a number of research laboratories.


 Data Standards and Interoperability chart produced in the Digital Building Lab.

Digital Building Lab

One of the College of Design's research centers, the Digital Building Laboratory serves as a catalyst for envisioning future work processes and technologies and assists the architectural and building industries in adopting these developments on professional projects.

Students and professors sitting at a table watching a presenter show information on a screen.

Flourishing Communities Collaborative

Flourishing Communities Collaborative (FC2) is an academic lab, committed to community engagement and social outreach. We engage in educating, leading, and serving by working with the community in a range of different settings. We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory whose vision is to leverage the resources at Georgia Tech for the city by building upon the strengths of its neighborhoods.

Aerial Intelligence for Retrofit Building Energy Modeling (AirBEM) project.

High Performance Building Lab

Creating high performance buildings requires that we are able to design, verify, and guarantee the type of systems that meet the highest expectations of the client and society. The technical performance of buildings is the result of the complex interplay of highly variable boundary conditions driving the physical behavior of many components operating in multiple interacting domains such as heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, light, and acoustics, all orchestrated by increasingly intelligent building controls.

Shape Computations output from the Shape Machine developed in Georgia Tech's Shape Computation Lab.

Shape Computation Lab

The Shape Computation Lab explores how the visual nature of shape – and its ability to seamlessly shift and recombine to produce new opportunities for creative designers and reflective critics alike - can be formally implemented with new software technologies to assist seeing and doing in design in profoundly new ways.

A group of participants meeting around a conference table in the SimTigrate Design Lab

SimTigrate Design Lab

One of the College of Design's research centers, the SimTigrate Design Lab recreates medical spaces ranging in scale from hospitals to clinics to doctor's offices. Working with architects, engineers, medical personnel, and others, SimTigrate tests ideas for spaces and environments by making them more efficient, improving patient safety, decreasing chances for acquiring infections, and increasing collaboration among staff.

Spatial Futures Studio using the Hololens' AI technology to produce designs in the Digital Fabrication Lab with a deer stand as a base.

Spatial Futures Lab

Experimental in both its pedagogical setup and design-production workflows, the Spatial Futures Lab was the first Georgia Tech design and research lab fully housed in the Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL). 


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