The winners from the Fall 2019 Portfolio Competition and Celebration holding up their book prizes.

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Architecture is a discipline that sits between art, culture, and technology. Georgia Tech architecture students think about the buildings of the future: how to use old buildings in new ways and the new types of buildings people will need all over the world. Then they use emerging technologies to design and develop those buildings, fast. You see, we’re kind of the mad scientists of architecture. We’re able to test and experiment with our designs in ways no other arts-based architecture school can. 

School of Architecture
247 Fourth Street, NW, Suite 351
Atlanta, GA 30332-0155
Phone +1 404-894-4885
Directions to the College of Design

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Come see for yourself! Prospective undergraduate students are invited to explore our facilities up-close. An information session with our admissions advisor is followed by a tour of studio and jury spaces, classrooms and computer labs, the design shop, the Galloway Café, and other favorite gathering spots. Information sessions and tours are offered twice a month during the academic year.

Prospective Graduate Students

Come see what sets the graduate program at Georgia Tech apart from other schools of architecture. Come to campus and meet our current students. Our graduate ambassadors are ready to answer your questions. Reach out to them here

Applications for the M.Arch, M.S. in Architecture and Ph.D. in Architecture programs are due December 31, 2020. Applications for the MSUD program are due January 15, 2021.

Want to see our studios in action? Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Fall Virtual Open House!

Connect with Our Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are faculty-nominated student representatives who embody the diversity, talent, and enthusiasm of our School. Our Ambassadors are available to answer questions about our school and share their experiences about being a student at Georgia Tech.


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