View of the interior of the SimTigrate Design Lab. On the left, there are temporary, flexible labs that can be set up for research scenarios, and on the right, a group of participants are joined together around a conference table.

SimTigrate Design Lab

SimTigrate Design Lab

The SimTigrate Design Lab is an interdisciplinary, College of Design research center using evidence-based design to improve the medical experience for patients and providers.

Designing the Future of Healthcare

The SimTigrate Design Lab evaluates existing research, conducts research, tests proposed solutions in simulated medical environments, and translates those solutions for broad applications. SimTigrate develops tools, data sets, and evidence that influence building design, health information technology, and healthcare products.

Working with architects, engineers, medical personnel, and others, SimTigrate helps find ideas for spaces and environments that are easier to navigate, safer for providers, more comfortable for patients, and more collaborative for providers.


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