Students present work in the DFL at Georgia Tech

Building Design Technology

Building Design Technology

Creating high performance buildings requires that we are able to design, verify, and guarantee the type of systems that meet the highest expectations of the client and society. The technical performance of buildings is the result of the complex interplay of highly variable boundary conditions driving the physical behavior of many components operating in multiple interacting domains such as heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, light, and acoustics, all orchestrated by increasingly intelligent building controls. Building performance modeling,  simulation, and optimization contribute to an overall integrated approach for performance understanding and improvement, while sensor networks and embedded intelligent systems are increasingly integrating this intelligence directly into the built environment.

Research Areas

High performance building graphic card

Building Science

Ph.D. student and Tarek Rakha fly a drone in the Hinman Courtyard

Aerial Diagnostics

Students studying near windows in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons.

Natural Lighting

The roof of a botanical garden.

Living Systems

Sculpture in the Clough Student Commons.

Materials, Systems, Fabrication

Research Labs

High Performance Building Lab

Associated Centers

SimTigrate Design Lab

IPaT | Institute of People and Technology

Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines


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