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Building Design Technology

Building Design Technology

Research in Building Design Technology at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture combines rigorous investigation with design interrogation. This discipline brings together students, researchers, and faculty focusing on solving the world’s most pressing challenges through interdisciplinarity. Architects, designers, engineers, building scientists, planners, and data analysts work together to address the biggest threat to life on earth: climate change. The work can be pursued at the level of basic science at the material level, all the way to large-scale, real-world applications at the city scale, all scrutinized for excellence in economic, societal, and energy performance. Our goal is to pioneer design-based technologies through various fields including data analytics, building performance simulation, structural analysis, and material innovations, among others. 

Research Areas

A greyscale icon of a cube with an interior graph to measure the space.

Building Science

Greyscale icon demonstrating an aerial inspection of a building's envelope.

Aerial Diagnostics

A greyscale icon of a window and a shadow cast from the window.

Natural Lighting

A greyscale diagram of a tree.

Living Systems

Research Labs

High Performance Building Lab

Associated Centers

SimTigrate Design Lab

Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems

Strategic Energy Institute

IPaT | Institute of People and Technology

Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines


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