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History, Theory, Criticism

History, Theory, Criticism

Georgia Tech's School of Architecture has a distinguished tradition of innovative scholarship in the field of History, Theory, and Criticism. Drawing on the unique range of disciplines and professions within the College and the Institute, faculty contribute to a growing field of cross-cultural studies and interdisciplinary scholarship that use concepts from humanistic, social scientific, and technical disciplines, some traditionally seen as outside the purview of architectural history and theory in order to better understand the material, spatial, intellectual, and ideological dimensions of the physical world. To this end, linkages have been established with the School of Literature, Media, and Communication and with the School of History, Technology, and Society at Georgia Tech’s Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

Focus Areas

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Aesthetic Theory

Cover image from George B. Johnston's new book Assembling the Architect: The History and Theory of Professional Practice.

History of Architectural Practice

Current Research

Taking advantage of the resources available in the Atlanta metropolitan area and beyond, faculty also engage questions relevant to the contemporary world, using rigorous scholarship, scientific analysis, and theoretical reflection to promote innovative research that challenges the assumptions on which public and scholarly debate about architecture are often based. The aim of research in Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism is thus to position architecture within a wider field of critical, scientific, and cultural inquiry, using international and cross-cultural research, inter-disciplinary work, as well as novel social, cultural, philosophical, and scientific perspectives to expand the scope and range of historical and theoretical inquiry. While centered primarily on modern and contemporary architecture, faculty interests vary significantly by subject area, period, region, and methodological emphasis.

Faculty research focuses on a wide range of subjects within or across a variety of fields, from architecture to urbanism, landscape, and engineering/building technology. Current research interests include:

  • History, Technology, and the Arts
  • Modernism and The Avant-Garde In Europe 1900-1980
  • Architecture and Media In Fascist Italy
  • American Architecture: History, Culture, and Society
  • Social History of U.S. Architectural Practice
  • Medieval Art and Architecture In 12th and 13th Century France
  • Notions of Growth and Form Since Romanticism
  • History of Aesthetics: Einfühlung and Sympathy
  • Architectural Theory and Criticism
  • Architecture and Neo-Liberalism: Management, Work Flows, Immaterial Labor
  • The Architecture of Phantasmagoria and The Hyper-Mediated City
  • The Digital Turn: Design Technologies and Representational Practices
  • Architecture and the Everyday
  • Architectural Morphology, Space Syntax
  • Institutions of Cultural Exhibition and Display
  • Narrative and Interpretation
  • Art, Architecture, and Computing
  • Textile Tectonics: Representation and Aesthetics
  • Materialism and Bioconstructivism in Design


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