2021 Awards Day

Our annual End of Year Awards Program is where we come together as a school to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work that our students have done during their time at Georgia Tech.

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Academic Merit Awards

Rho Chapter of the Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society 

Graduating Spring 2021:

  • Dylan Bonsignore*
  • Tiffany Bouquet*
  • Rachael Carstens*
  • Kristy Cho*
  • Prerana Kamat*
  • Carly Langsdorf* 
  • Quynh Pham* 
  • Jane Rodrigues* 
  • Varun Sethi*
  • Manushi P. Sheth*
  • Aishwarya Somasundaram*
  • Savannah Jones Wheeler*
  • Dana Bellville*
  • Emir (Sina) Billici*
  • Tori Ellis* 
  • Benjamin Mayo* 

*denotes newly inducted

New Inductees Fall 2020:

  • Maya Assaad
  • Thomas Bray
  • AnLi French
  • Katelyn Hestad
  • Mary Hestad
  • Sean Li
  • So Min Park
  • Alexander Poff
  • Colin Woodham

School of Architecture Class of 1979 Award

  • Alexander Poff (B.S. in Architecture) 

Alan Salzman Scholarship

  • Nathan Mitchell (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Jiahe Xu (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Sophie Myers (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Karen Kodera (B.S. in Architecture)

Albert Lee Hawes Scholarship

  • Marianna Godfrey (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Walden Jones (B.S. in Architecture)

James Bowden Addy Memorial Scholarship

  • AnLi French (B.S. in Architecture) 

John William Sandeford Memorial Scholarship

  • Nancy Aburto (M.Arch) 
  • Minji Kim (M.Arch) 
  • Hunter Perry (M.Arch) 

Stanley, Love-Stanley Award

  • Kyla Dowlen (B.s. in Architecture)
  • Sharod Bryant (M.Arch)

Frank Beckum Jr. Memorial Award

  • Elliot Park (M.Arch) 

Stevens & Wilkinson Scholarship

  • Eden Wright (M.Arch)

Marthame Sanders Award

  • Paola Santiago-Toledo (M.Arch) 

Nix Mann Fellowship

  • Monica Rizk (M.Arch)

T. Gordon Little Fellowship

  • Ian Matthew Morey (M.Arch, Fall 2020 Recipient)
  • Rich Fridy (M.Arch, Fall 2020 Recipient)

Niles Bolton & Associates Firm Fellowship

2020-2021 Recipients

  • Paola Santiago-Toledo (M.Arch)
  • Hafsa Siap (M.Arch)

Wakefield-Beasley & Associates

2020-2021 Recipient

  • Leah Baldocchi (M.Arch) 


Leadership & Service Awards

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

  • Kathi Tran (B.S. in Architecture) 

Gwinner AIAS Student Leadership Awards

  • AnLi French (B.S. in Architecture), Incoming President
  • Lauren Riehm (B.S. in Architecture), Incoming Vice President, Undergraduate
  • Keith Hughes (M.Arch), Incoming Vice President, Graduate

Henry Adams AIA Gold Medal & Certificate of Achievement 

  • Quynh Pham (M.Arch & MCRP)

School of Architecture Leadership, Service, and Professional Promise Award

  • Hayri Dortdivanlioglu (Ph.D. in Architecture)

The Lord Aeck Sargent Design Fellowship

  • Michael Poteat (M.Arch)

Competitions & Special Recognitions

Mike Rice Design Competition (First Year Studio)

  • First Prize - Kotaro Ito (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Second Prize - Xinyan (Teresa) Li (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Third Prize - Nathan Mitchell (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Honorable Mention - Cayleigh Nicholson (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Honorable Mention - Ryan Stoddard (B.S. in Architecture)

Earthshare Fellowship

  • Jennie Lynn Rudder (MSUD) 
  • Sydnee Henry (M.Arch) 

Architecture Foundation of Georgia Scholarship

  • Patricia Del Moral-Suazo (M.Arch)
  • Gillian Gingher (M.Arch)
  • Miguel Arana (M.Arch) 

Dagmar Epsten Environmental Vision Prize

This year, the Epsten Prize will contribute to the operating funds of each student organization in in the School of Architecture: 

  • ECO - Katelyn Dimopoulos (Current President)
  • EQIA - Kathi Tran (Current President)
  • NOMAS - Sharod Bryant (Current President)
  • AIAS - Colt Brock (Current President)
  • CONCAVE - Hayri Dortdivanlioglu & Marisabel Marratt (Ph.D. Organizers) 

Capstone Design Expo Architecture Award Winners

“All Right Architecture”– Project from Ventulett NEXT Fellow Ryan Roark’s senior studio

  • Arthima Chaisiri (B.S. in Architecture)
  • Chris Geng (B.S. in Architecture) 

Urban Land Institute – Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition

“Cattylst”– Faculty Advisors, Perry Yang and Ellen Dunham-Jones; Professional Advisors, Howard Wertheimer, Chris Faussemagne, and David Haddow

  • Erin Heidelberger (M.S. in Architecture)
  • Alex Sovchen (MBA)
  • Akhilesh Dhurkunde (M.Arch)
  • Huangzhe Zhao (MSUD)
  • Robin Cornel (M.Arch and M.S. in Civil Engineering) 

ARCC King Student Medal

  • Heather Ligler, Ph.D., Thanos Economou, Advisor

Lewis F. & Patricia R. Lanter Student Award – School of Architecture Design Excellence Award

  • Ziyi Zhang (B.S. in Architecture)

D+R Prize

  • Hafsa Siap (M.Arch)

Top Designer for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture

  • Ben Mayo (B.S. in Architecture) 

Top Designer for the Master of Science in Urban Design 

  • Christopher Barnum (MSUD) 

Top Designer for the Master of Architecture

  • Kristy Cho (M.Arch) 

Portman Prize

Jury Chair: Mario Gooden, founding principal of Huff + Gooden Architects, 2021 Portman Prize Visiting Critic

  • First Place: Monica Rizk
  • Second Place: Gillian Gingher
  • Third Place: Caite Canfield
  • Honorable Mention: Mathew Sheldon
  • Honorable Mention: Patricia Del Moral
  • Honorable Mention: Breanna Rhoden 

Provost’s Academic Excellence Award

  • Chloe Kiernicki (B.S. in Architecture) 

Fulbright Scholarship Award Recognition

  • Chloe Kiernicki* (B.S. in Architecture) 

*Chloe will be studing sustainable architecture in Finland. 

TA and Future Faculty Awards Recognized at Institute Awards Day

  • Hayri Dortdivanlioglu (Ph.D. in Architecture) – Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award
  • Bryce Truitt (M.Arch) – Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
  • Jane Rodrigues (M.Arch) – Online Teaching Assistant of the Year for the School of Architecture
  • Erin Heidelberger (M.S. in Arch) - Online Head TA of the Year for the School of Architecture

Dean William L. Fash Award for Teaching Excellence

  • Assistant Professor Danielle Willkens 


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