Students gather in the Hinman Research Building to review portfolios at the Fall 2018 Portfolio Competition and Celebration.

2021 Portfolio Competition Winners

2021 Portfolio Competition Winners

We wrap up each fall semester by hosting a Portfolio Competition and Celebration, and this year was no different. We're excited to announce this year's group of winning portfolios from each studio across the School of Architecture. 

First Year Studio Winners

An image from Alikhan Gilani's portfolio.

Alikhan Gilani

An image from Addison Moses' portfolio.

Addison Moses

An image from Ana Leon's portfolio.

Ana Leon

An image from Jarrett Ely's portfolio.

Jarrett Ely

An image from Niknaz Tillavaldyyeva's portfolio.

Niknaz Tillavaldyyeva

An image from Yuhan Wang's portfolio.

Yuhan Wang

Sophomore Studio Winners

An image from Shaina Lofton's portfolio.

Shaina Lofton

An image from Cayleigh Nicholson's portfolio.

Cayleigh Nicholson

An image from Ella Petry's portfolio.

Ella Petry

An image from Braden McKnight's portfolio.

Braden McKnight

An image from Adam Davis' portfolio.

Adam Davis

Junior Studio Winners

An image from Walden Jones' portfolio.

Walden Jones

An image from Jared Abrahamian's portfolio.

Jared Abrahamian

An image from Joseph L'Heureux's portfolio.

Joseph L'Heureux

An image from Sarah Davis' portfolio.

Sarah Davis

Senior Studio Winners

An image from Sean Li's portfolio.

Sean Li

An image from Daisy Acosta Pliego's portfolio.

Daisy Acosta Pliego

An image from Sarah Tyner's portfolio.

Sarah Tyner

Core II Studio Winner

An image from John Wilson's portfolio.

John Wilson

Advanced 1 Studio Winners

An image from Aparna Reghukumar's portfolio.

Aparna Reghukumar

An image from Ian Matthew Morey's portfolio.

Ian Matthew Morey

An image from Rich Fridy's portfolio.

Rich Fridy

An image from Shomari Sekou Samuels' portfolio.

Shomari Sekou Samuels

An image from Nicole Barrow's portfolio.

Nicole Barrow

D+R Studio Winners

An image from Miguel Arana's portfolio.

Miguel Arana

An image from Greg Nye's portfolio.

Greg Nye

An image from Katie Reilly's portfolio.

Katie Reilly

Caite Canfield

MSUD Winners

An image from the MSUD team project portfolio.

Hyowon Son, Pulkit Jain, Shima Khodagholi


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