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Architecture Minor

Architecture Minor

Architecture is a highly integrative and complex discipline that can provide a foundation for careers in different areas of environmental design and construction as well as provide preparation for other collaborative design processes involving the integration of art and science. As such, this Minor in Architecture curriculum includes both core courses and electives that are currently offered and provides training in the fundamentals of the architectural design and representation process as well as a course in the history of architecture, one in systems design and a collaborative design workshop. 

Our Program

The minor in architecture enables students to develop their creativity and passion for producing innovative, culturally-enhancing design. Students in the minor will learn to produce models for concrete solutions to ‘real-world sustainability problems’ (social and ecological) and ones for handling complex, multidisciplinary collaboration.

Required Courses

Required courses: 

  • ARCH 3115 Modern Architecture and Art Workshop 
  • ARCH 2111 History of Architecture I or ARCH 2112 History of Architecture II 
  • ARCH 3231 Environmental Systems and Design Integration I or ARCH 2211 Construction Tech I 
  • ARCH 4515 Collaborative Design Workshop (NEW)

Elective courses (1) to choose from include: Retrofitting Suburbia, Architecture & Ideology; Art of Drawing; Theory of Architecture, and more 

Our Curriculum

The 15 semester hour curriculum leading to the minor in architecture includes both required and elective courses and provides training in the fundamentals of the architectural design and representation process as well as a course on the history of architecture, one in systems design, and a collaborative design workshop. 

In addition, students will interact with faculty members in our school who are currently pursuing research across the spectrum of disciplinary and professional issues that provides a rich intellectual environment for study in this subject.  

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