Archive Day + All Studio Clean-Up Day

Monday, April 26 | All Day

Time for Spring Cleaning! Collectively we will submit work to the archive AND clean up our studio spaces. 

To help facilitate the archive process this semester, we are pairing with the All Studio Clean-up Day on Monday, April 26th to host an Archive Day. The intent is to offer guided times for students to submit and allow availability from the SoA office GTA’s to help facilitate submission.

More formal details to come about the requirements for submission! The instructions will be the same as semester’s past. This work will be used for School accreditation and promotion, so it is vital that we receive your work.

The schedule for the day is outline below:

10 am - 11 am | First Year Studio

11 am - 12 pm | Second Year Studio

12 pm - 01 pm | Third Year Studio

01 pm - 02 pm | Fourth Year Studio

02 pm - 03 pm | Core

03 pm - 04 pm | Advanced (Portman)

04 pm - 05 pm | D+R

This is meant as a non-mandatory open archive “office hours” session aimed to give students a set time to get their work submitted. Please still submit you work ASAP, if not available during your scheduled time.

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