Design Develop Build completed project "Midwives Quarters Havé" at sunset.

Design Develop Build Program

Design Develop Build Program

Students from the Georgia Institute of Technology, RWTH Aachen University and PBSA Düsseldorf design, develop and build civic architecture in collaboration with members of the local communities. Starting from the first design sketches and models, to detailed design plans, students experience all phases of a construction project. Detail design, calculating quantities, scheduling, financing/sponsoring and cost control are part of the task. During the design and construction phase students, as well as local workers learn how to deal with different construction materials and their specific application as well as the entire building process from constructing foundations to the cladding of a building. By integrating design, research and construction students learn to develop a strong awareness for built environment in another culture and the adequateness of applied construction methods. This includes understanding architecture as social practice and realizing it with all consequences.


Program is open to all majors.

Program Details

Program Director: Daniel Baerlecken; Associate Professor.

Program Dates:
05/11/2020 – 05/22/2020  Atlanta, USA
06/15/2020 – 06/24/2020  Germany
06/29/2020 – 08/02/2020  Harare, Zimbabwe

Program Fee: $4500

Program Course List

ARCH 4805/01-DB/ ARCH 8806-DB DESIGN DEVELOP BUILD Construction Lab -- 6 credits
The Summer Studio option is available to undergraduate students that have successfully completed both Sophomore Studios by the end of Spring 2020, and to graduate students that have completed both Advanced Architectural Design 1 and 2 studios by the end of Spring 2020.  Participation in the spring workshop Arch 8801 /Arch 4801 is a pre-requisite for this option.

ARCH 4823-KW/ ARCH 8823-KW DESIGN DEVELOP BUILD – Material Culture -- 3 credits

ARCH 4833-DB/ ARCH 8833-DB DESIGN DEVELOP BUILD Design Lab- Digital and Physical Prototyping -- 3 credits


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