Katelyn Dimopoulos

Katelyn Dimopolous

Candidate in 3.5-year Master of Architecture degree program

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: The opportunities here are endless. No matter what idea you want to explore, there is something here to support your goals. Whether it is a supportive faculty member, the amazing fabrication spaces or the collaborative atmosphere between the students, your ideas will have a strong foundation to flourish.

Why did you decide to study architecture?  After studying and working as an engineer, I found that architecture was the perfect path in balancing my engineering brain with my artistic side. Architecture is this melting pot of art, design, engineering, theory, science, ecology, etc. and I realized that I wanted to be at the heart of that interaction. My most influential moment however, was attending a lecture co-hosted by Georgia Tech called “Architecture That Heals” by Michael Murphy, where I learned the true power that architecture has to improve the lives of those experiencing it. After learning that I could use design and architecture for humanitarian efforts, I was hooked.

Student organizations: EQiA, Founder of the Sustainable Studio (ECO)

One word to describe what you thought before you started: Nervous
One word to describe what you think now:  Driven

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