Kristy Cho

Kristy Cho

Candidate in 3.5-year Master of Architecture degree program

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: Being able to complement my studies with multiple fabrication techniques offered by the DFL and other labs. I enjoy all the opportunities to build things with my own hands in a variety of materials. I did not think I would enjoy constructing a foam model for my Core 2 studio, but the hot wire foam cutter at the DFL ended up being one of my favorite tools.

Why did you decide to study architecture I received my undergraduate degree in interior design a few years ago and wanted to continue my education to bolster the possibilities in which I can manipulate the built environment. I have always had a passion for related fields including scenic design, furniture design, and architectural history, but the idea of pursuing a career in architecture truly crystallized during a recent trip to Copenhagen. Visiting the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Grundtvig's Church left a lasting impression of the power of architecture to absolutely mesmerizing visitors through the careful modulation of space and light, as well as exquisite attention to detail. I left both sites inspired and convinced that architecture was the next logical step in my educational career.

Student organizations: Meditation Club and the Collegiate Recovery Program

One word to describe what you thought before you started: Fear
One word to describe what you think now:  Hope

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