New AIA Atlanta Exhibit Features Georgia Tech Student Work

Painting of Raphael and sketch of the Pantheon
Painting and sketch by Lane Duncan.


An exhibit called The Fourth Moon of Jupiter will be displayed in the Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Architects’s headquarters from September 5 through October 27, 2024.

Created by Lane Duncan, senior lecturer in the School of Architecture and AIA emeritus, the exhibit shows how an architect is both an artist and an engineer, he said.

“Projects from classes I taught at Georgia Tech are part of the exhibit,” Duncan said, including Drawing On Nature, and a project from ID2401 Visual Design Thinking.


Student sketch of a product design.
Student work from Visual Design Thinking.


The Fourth Moon of Jupiter is inspired by Duncan’s stay at the American Academy in Rome as a visiting scholar. There, he regularly viewed the garden on Janiculum Hill, where Galileo demonstrated his telescope to Vatican leaders in 1611.

“This exhibition is a visual and written documentation of a journey that began in Urbino, Italy in 1986, continued later at the GSD, Harvard, researched at the AAR in 2013-14, and ultimately became the basis for a constructed project here in the U. S., and teaching at Georgia Tech,” Duncan said.


Sketchwork by Lane Duncan
Sketchwork from Drawing on Nature.


Thoughtful, introspective hand drawings that aid understanding of architectural design are the dominant medium of the exhibit. Duncan’s own studies of circle and square geometries by Raphael Sanzio show off the beginning of his investigation of the ways sketching synthesizes ancient concepts.

This research led Duncan to name his own studio Callisto (the name of the fourth moon of Jupiter) as well as to build cross-disciplinary drawing courses at Georgia Tech that teach students how to learn from art, the humanities, and science.


Photo of a building at night.
Photo: Lane Duncan


The Fourth Moon of Jupiter will debut as part of AIA Atlanta's opening of their newly renovated headquarters, Duncan said.

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