Summer 2019 Modern Architecture in the Modern City group photo in Paris

Modern Architecture and the Modern City

Modern Architecture and the Modern City

MAMC 2024: A Rediscovery of the American City

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”  Plato, Republic

Welcome to the 2024 School of Architecture Summer Study series, Modern Architecture and the Modern City.  International travel will most likely remain off limits for the summer of 2024, which has fueled our collective desire to rediscover the evolution of the North American city.   We invite you to join us for what will prove to be a once in a lifetime travel and learning experience. 

The tentative schedule starts with departure from Atlanta via Amtrak for a  ~33 day rail journey with major stops Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston, with secondary stops including Charlottesville, Princeton, New Haven, and Providence.

Our second short bus 8 day trip will include Charleston, Savannah, St. Augustine and Miami. 


Open to Ph.D., Master of Architecture, Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Science in Urban Design, Master of Real Estate Development, City & Regional Planning, and Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Architecture students (with permission).

Program Details

The faculty includes Daniel Baerlecken, Richard Dagenhart, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Michael Gamble, Jude W. Leblanc as well as a host of guests. The program is intensive with site visits to dozens of significant modern and contemporary architecture, urban design, infrastructure and landscape projects in the five cities and their surrounding territories.   The American campus as well as the very diverse and culturally rich American art and history museums are included.  

All students must participate in the 1 credit hour workshop during the spring semester. 

Program Course List

All participating students must be full time students at Georgia Tech and enrolled for 12 credit hours. Students in Architecture must enroll in ARCH 8903 for 3 credit hours. Students in the Master of Science in Urban Design must enroll for ARCH 8903 for 6 credit hours. Students are encouraged to take ARCH 4123 and/or ARCH 6155 for pass-fail credit if they have not previously taken a pass-fail course or if they do not need additional credits for their degree.

ARCH 4151/7151 History of Urban Form
History of the city as a collective work of architecture with an emphasis on the city's physical form and space.

ARCH 4843/8843: Contemporary Practice in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism in America. (3 Credit Practice 2 Elective). Field trips and visits to the significant design practices in the five cities. Students are required  to attend all office visits, lectures and site visits and submit a journal/sketchbook, document and prepare a comparative analysis based on visits and interviews with leading practitioners by examining key questions related to the business of design practice.   Letter grade only.

ARCH 4823/8823: American Modernism. (3 Credits). Readings on the history of art and architecture in America and Europe and site visits/tours to  many outstanding examples of modern and contemporary architecture in each city. For letter grade, students must write a 3000 word illustrated paper on a subject of modern/contemporary architecture, focused a specific theme and documenting one or more buildings visited both interior and exterior.

ARCH  8903: Special Problems (3 Credits for M.ARCH students or 6 Credits for MSUD students).  An independent research project with a focus on specific questions in architecture, urban design or landscape architecture. The project must involve direct documentation (measured drawings, analytical diagrams, photographs, etc.) of selected urban situations, buildings, projects, etc. in one or more of the five cities. The final submission is a research paper, with illustrations and a minimum of 4000 word text. Research topics are discussed and proposals completed during the preparation class during the spring semester. Letter Grade Only


MAMC CANCELLATION POLICY Students who choose not to participate in the program after submitting an application will be subject to the following fee schedule: • Students cancelling after January 30th must pay 25% of the program fee. • Students cancelling after February 28th must pay 50% of the program fee • Students cancelling after March 15th must pay 100% of the program fee • Georgia Tech reserves the right to alter (including a change to program fees) or cancel this program due to low enrollment, unavailability of a professor to teach a planned course, or other unforeseen circumstances.


If Georgia Tech cancels the entire program before departure or while the program is in progress for reasons beyond its control, such as political unrest or danger to participants’ safety, only those fees that Georgia Tech is able to have refunded by service providers will be returned to participants.


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