Studio Spotlight Sessions - November 11, 2020 at 4 p.m. EST

Curious about the work taking place in other studios in the School of Architecture? We're introducing a new series, Studio Spotlight Sessions, this week! We invite you to tune in to your peers' studios to see their work. These sessions are not reviews or critiques, but a chance for studios to share their projects as they are now, unfinished and in development, and discuss their process that guided their projects to where they are now.


  • You can leave your video on; however, we do ask that you make sure your mic is muted when you enter
  • During the session, you'll be invited to participate in the discussion. So feel free to unmute your mic when you have a question or topic to share during the session
  • Because the sessions are scheduled at the same time, we invite you to hop between sessions as you like. Please remember to mute your mic as you move between sessions
  • Again, this is not a review, but an opportunity to see what your peers are up to this semester

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