Christian Coles



Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016
Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan, 2018


Afro-American Centric Design, Design for Minority Communities, Cultural Efficacy, Urban Design, Justice by Design, Participatory Design, Environmental Psychology, Regenerative Neighborhood Development


Christian Coles has a passion for designing for minority communities particularly the African American community and examining the human experience of architecture and urban design through incorporating psychological principles into the design process. He studied within the schools of architecture and psychology concurrently at Georgia Tech receiving his Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a certificate in Psychology in May 2016. Upon graduating, he continued his education at University of Michigan studying the connections between architectural design/urban design and human psychology. Christian’s thesis addressed a history of racially restrictive urban planning practices within Newport News, Virginia and how these have created challenges for the African American community present there today and movements forward to reconcile. He has previously taught two studios at Kennesaw State University concerning Cultural Efficacy Through Design and Regenerative Urban Design for the neighborhood of Sweet Auburn in Atlanta. In addition to currently working at Chasm Architecture in Atlanta, GA, a diverse firm working on projects that bridge from architecture to community planning and urban design, he also teaches a course on African American Design and Aesthetics through CPDI Africa.