Harris Dimitropoulos

Associate Professor

Harris Dimitropoulos

Associate Professor


National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Bachelor of Arts “Architect-Engineer”, 1977
Aristoteleion University in Thessaloniki, Greece, Ph.D. 1983
Georgia Institute of Technology, M.Arch. 1984

Research Interests

Harris Dimitropoulos currently teaches design studios and theory courses and has taught art, design, and theory courses. In addition to his architectural education, he received formal art education from 1970 to 1983. His architecture and artwork have been exhibited in Europe and in the United States.

The question of meaning and how meaning is constructed and disseminated through architecture, art, and design is the common thread that connects his teaching, design, and artworks. In other words, how architectural and visual practices become culturally, socially, and pragmatically significant. Architecture and visuality are acts of communication and they, in turn, inform and change our cultural and political environment. Architectural thinking and practice entail multiple modes of representation and communication. These include anticipatory representations of what a building would be and, once built, the building itself conveys information about its own making and the cultural, ideological, economic, and technological issues communicates. These issues include modes of inhabitation, communication, and practice as well as edifying messages (sustainability and its values being one of them.)

Ancillary and necessary to the study and understanding of these issues are theories and practices of programming, analytical and analogical practices, communication (semiotics), elements psychoanalysis, aesthetics, and aspects of visual constructs and visuality. Work-based on the pursuit of these ideas includes art exhibitions, writing, and conference presentations.

Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology
Instructor, National Technical University, Athens, Greece
Adjunct, Atlanta College of Art
Architect, P. Touliatos, Athens, Greece
Architect, A. Pikioni, Athens, Greece

Mechanicsville /Pryor Street Monument, 1996. (With Stuart Romm). Sponsored by BellSouth and by MAOGA. And developed with the Mechanicsville Community.

Heritage Park, Atlanta, Georgia, 1996. (With Fred Pearsall and Stuart Romm). Sponsored by CODA and developed with the Summerhill Community.

Design for a bridge and connector between the Civic Center Marta Station and Peachtree Street in Downtown Atlanta. Sponsored by CODA. Unbuilt.

AIDS Awareness Week, 1990. With Susan Krane and Larry Anderson. Sponsored by the High Museum.

North Avenue Bridge improvement, Atlanta, Georgia 1995-1996 Municipal Theater, Halandri Athens, Greece, 1982

Monument for Bicentennial of French Revolution, Paris, 1989

Municipal Theater, Halandri Athens, Greece, 1982

First Prize 2007-2008 New Visions of Security: Re-life of a DFW Airport Terminal. Competition Sponsored by ACSA and TSA with two students, Blake Burton and Tristan Hall

Work is at the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, Georgia.

Mid-Career Achievement Award, Architecture Program, Georgia Tech, 1998

Dean’s Award, Architecture College, Georgia Tech, 1998.

Graham Foundation Grant for “Assemblage” # 32 September 1997.

First Prize, Heritage Park Competition, Atlanta, Georgia, 1996. (With Fred Pearsall and Stuart Romm).

Outstanding Young Faculty, Georgia Tech, 1990.

First prize, “inventor 89” competition for a monument for the Bicentennial of French, Revolution, La Villette, Paris, 1989.

Town Hall for Holargos, Athens Greece, Competition, Citation, 1977.