Marisabel Marratt



BA in Architecture, Princeton University, 1985, magna cum laude
M.Arch, Princeton University, 1988
Ph.D., Architecture, History and Theory, Georgia Institute of Technology, (ongoing)
Graduate Certificate, Science and Technology Studies, Ivan Allen School of Literature, Media and Communications, 2017


Architecture Theory, Technics, Philosophy of Technology, Gilbert Simondon, Techno-aesthetics, Design Thinking, Science and Technology Studies, Materialization, Crypto-Phanero-Genesis.


Marisabel Marratt holds a BA and M.Arch from Princeton University has a combined twenty-five years of professional experience in architecture, interior architecture, and scenography, and has been actively involved in projects of a wide range and scale. As a senior designer, Marisabel has been the recipient of a number of design awards. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology, and her ongoing research focuses on twentieth-century history and theory, philosophies of technology and aesthetics, with a particular emphasis on the post-war period. Her specific focus is on the work of French philosopher of technology Gilbert Simondon (1924-1989), his study of the human engagement in techniques of materialization, their technicity, and their particular techno-aesthetics.

Informed by her years of professional practice, Marisabel’s studios emphasize students’ ability to properly think through and document their own processes of conceptualization, in active engagement with research data and materials, and with the intelligent use of both analog and digital resources. Marisabel is fascinated by the many platforms, analog and digital, architects must implement to find their way, and finds this navigation worthy material for exploration. Her professional, research, design and teaching interests converge on a desire to “push the envelope”, towards experimental approaches to space/form-making, and the testing of diverse design techniques.

Marisabel is interested in the convergence of theory and praxis. She holds a graduate certificate in Science and Technology Studies, and has presented her papers at conferences, published in edited compilations, and participated in and helped organize symposia.

Marratt, M., “Materializing Identity: Navigating and Mapping the Terrain of Social Interaction”, September 2017, presented at Society for Social Studies of Science: “STS (In)Sensibilities” (Boston).

Marratt, M., “Matter Thinks! - An Interview with Tim Ingold”, in Correspondences, ed. Tim Ingold. European Research Council, May 2017. As part of the project directed by social anthropologist Tim Ingold: Knowing From the Inside: Anthropology, Art, Architecture and Design.

Marratt, M., “The Revealing in Simondon’s Technoaesthetics”, October 2016, presented at XIII Internationales Bauhaus Colloquium “Dust and Data” (Bauhaus Universitat Weimar, DE)

ARCH 2854: Sophomore Design Studio: Special Topics/ Figuring: Image to Structure

ARCH 3012/4012 Vertical Studio: Materializing Identity: Navigating and Mapping the Space of Social Interaction

ARCH 6024 Core I Graduate: Visual Awareness and Architectural Thinking through Analog Technique

ARCH 6027 Core III Graduate Design Studio

ARCH 6026 Core II Graduate Design Studio