Russell Gentry

Director, Digital Building Lab
Director, Master of Science in Architecture Program
Associate Professor


Ph.D. Civil Engineering (Structures), University of Michigan, 1992
M.S. (Civil Engineering), Georgia Institute of Technology,1986
B.S. (Civil Engineering), Georgia Institute of Technology, 1985


Russell Gentry is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Civil Engineering (by courtesy) and a licensed structural engineer. He teaches graduate courses in building structures, computationally-driven fabrication and construction, and building integration. He is affiliated with the design computing faculty in the School of Architecture and the structural engineering and mechanics of materials faculty in the School of Civil Engineering. Gentry directs the Master of Science programs in the GT School of Architecture.

Prof. Gentry is the chair of ASTM D30.10, Composites for Civil Structures and an expert on the development of test methods for composite materials. He is the Georgia Tech principal investigator on the NSF-sponsored international initiative to develop alternative uses for decommissioned composite wind turbine blades (see

In the building industry, Gentry leads a now five-year effort to develop BIM processes and tools for the masonry industry (see With colleagues in the Schools of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Gentry manages two research projects focusing on the development of new mass timber material and building systems for defense and civilian structures.

Georgia Tech, College of Design, Faculty Research Award, 2019
ASTM Distinguished Service Award, 2016
ASTM President’s Leadership Award, 2011

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Gentry, T. Russell, (2011), “Performance of glued-laminated timbers with FRP shear and flexural reinforcement”, Journal of Composites for Construction, American Society of Civil Engineers, v 15, n 5, p 861-870.

ARCH 6252: Building Structures 2
CEE 6544: Structural Modeling
ARCH 8832: Building Systems and Data
ARCH 6506: Construction Materials, Systems, and Fabrications