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Student Practicum Program

Student Practicum Program

Practicum: a course of study designed especially for the preparation of teachers and clinicians that involves the supervised practical application of previously studied theory. While the definition relates to teachers and medical clinicians specifically, the same experience of the supervised practical application of theory – together with the application and building of skills, applies to architects. 

About the Practicum Program

The School of Architecture Practicum Program is a supplement to our very successful Career Fair and aims to provide opportunities for all students in the undergraduate and graduate programs to experience the working culture of architectural practice through office placement.

Following an application process, practice placements are arranged at top architecture firms in cities around the US for the week of Spring Break.

The goal of the program is to add an intense and exciting, “career-steering” supplement to the design and research curriculum, and to create an ongoing cultural exchange between practicing architects and the School.

Practice Placement Process

The placement process is based on the student’s stated goals and preferences, along with their academic experiences and demonstrated skills, in order to match the student with a compatible firm.  Applications will be due in December 2020, and placements are decided in mid-January 2021. 

A student applies to the Practicum Program by submitting the following:

  • 5-page portfolio in PDF format

  • One page letter of intent and updated resume

  • List of 3 cities you are interested in visiting

  • Recommendation letter – from faculty, not the employer

Students applying to the Practicum Program are responsible for travel, accommodations, and expenses for the duration of the placement stay. Students are encouraged to be resourceful in terms of alumni networking and friends and family networks to help facilitate accommodations in the cities where they want to work.


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