ARCH 3855 | Thanos Economou


Low-rise courtyard structures (landhuggers) are a powerful urban and architectural mechanism to produce affordable, sustainable and energy-efficient architecture: landhuggers maximize surface exposure to contained volume and keep proximity to the ground. The Landhuggersstudio takes on the formal exploration of this morphological type and tests its fit and formative impact in housing design – and especially low-cost, modular, affordable housing. The brief of the studio is aligned with the current international architectural competition San Francisco Affordable Housing Challenge and students will be encouraged to submit their final projects in the concurrent competition (deadline Apr 21, 2020).

ARCH 3855 | Herman Howard


Two major topics in almost every major urban city in the United States is that of Housing + Transit. This Studio will be addressing both topics along with Green Space / Open Space. What does Affordable Housing look like for the City of Atlanta? Note: The Studio will engage with professionals from both the Public Sector and Private Sector throughout the course of the Semester.

ARCH 3855 | George Johnston


This studio will explore the physics and metaphysics of water as an essential generative consideration for urban dwelling. How can we rethink our wasteful habits of intensive water use through the design of more regenerative systems of flow, form, and life? The studio will interrogate the socio-cultural conventions of habitation through a liquid lens - from source to sink to stream, and back again. How can we rekindle an awareness of dwelling as being part of a larger cycle - more than impervious bodies and buildings shedding water - but as symbiotic stewards of a pervious watershed?

ARCH 3855/4855 | Mark Cottle


Working with local architects, urban planners, housing activists, and city representatives, among others, we will take on the problem of designing humane, long-term accommodation for recent arrivals. Rather than concentrate on one area, we will explore opportunities for small-scale infill projects in several neighborhoods sprinkled throughout the city, investigating the morphological structure and history of each barrio, with an eye toward proposing new buildings that can be knitted into the existing fabric. In addition, we will explore ways to design apartments that can be flexible, with function-neutral spaces, able to accommodate a variety of household sizes and to support aging in place.

ARCH 4855 | John Peponis

Interactive and Adaptive Apartment-Homes

The design of our home shapes our activities, our relationships and our habitual behaviors. Apartment plans describe the nature of human relationships, since their inert (walls, floors and roofs) as well as their interactive parts (doors, windows, closets) first divide and then selectively reconnect inhabited space. As we continue to work with these traditional building elements we also ask: do the digitally enabled interactive technologies, current or foreseeable, have the potential to substantially transform our home?

ARCH 4855 | Noel Vernelle

Lightweight Textile Structures & Digital Media

This interdisciplinary research studio takes a materials-based design approach to architecture and combines computation, engineering, and science with projects developed by collaborative teams of architects, and digital media designers. Students will design and build lightweight pavilions with interactive displays on the site of the Lynching Memorial (The National Memorial for Peace and Justice) in Montgomery, Alabama. These pavilions will serve as extensions of the memorial, our sensory experience, and an understanding of these events through architecture and augmented reality. Pavilions shall be transportable - educating different publics on America’s past, its present, and the future. What would you have done if you were there? How do we prevent this from happening today? The aim of this project is not to reinforce these acts of violence, but instead to transform it, and highlight the contributions, meanings, lives, and stories of those silenced.


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