Student Advisory Council

Students play an essential role in the continual evolution of the School of Architecture. The Student Advisory Council is elected each year to work closely with the administration to discuss new initiatives and improvements to the School. Representatives from the undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs meet monthly with the School Chair and Associate Chair and serve as liaisons between their programs and the school leadership. Students are encouraged to participate in this committee or one of the many other leadership opportunities offered by the school.

Current Studio Advisory Council Members


First Years – Molly Pentecost & Ryan Shanahan

Sophomores – Adara Houlihan & Swathi Kovvur

Juniors – Annika Fischer & Kylie Hossom 

Seniors – Claire Puckhaber & Coby Harris



Core – Jacob Ennis-Bailey & Thaddeus Gue

Advanced – Ash King & Sanskruti Bhagat

D+R – Brooke Blankenship & Ellery Susa

M.S. ARCH – Ben Beito

MSUD – Raj Kachalia

Ph.D. – Gonzalo Vegas Olcese and Rawad El Kontar


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