Student Advisory Council

Students play an essential role in the continual evolution of the School of Architecture. The Student Advisory Council is elected each year to work closely with the administration to discuss new initiatives and improvements to the School. Representatives from the undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs meet monthly with the School Chair and Associate Chair and serve as liaisons between their programs and the school leadership. Students are encouraged to participate in this committee or one of the many other leadership opportunities offered by the school.

Current Studio Advisory Council Members


First Years – Sarah Shin & Ryan Stoddard

Sophomores – Sam Amick & Susanna Greiner

Juniors – Anli French & Haley Kellam 

Seniors – Chloe Kiernicki & Maya Neal 


Core – Melissa Holgado & Anna Rogers 

Advanced – Kayt Dayton & Eden Wright

D+R – Akhilesh Dhurkunde & Ishwar Ramnarine

M.S. – Udiksha Kapini

MSUD – Christopher Barnum & Luben Raytchev

Ph.D. – Yasser El Masri & Gustavo Do Amaral


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