2020 Student Work | Electives and Courses

View the output from the Spring 2020 School of Architecture seminars and workshops.

Non-Studio Work

Digital scaling from a Construction Tech II Project by Ameya Yawalkar

Construction Tech II

Course taught by Michael Gamble, Scott Marble, and Charles Rudolph
Project cutting a plane int two passes by Jordan Graves and Sookwang Lee for the Robotic Operations course.

Robotic Operations

Course taught by Keith Kaseman
Project by Dani Marquez from Debora Mesa's Material Diversions course using cellophane and dichroic film to explore dichroic materials through an iterative model-making process.

Material Diversions

Course taught by Débora Mesa
3D model and CNC routing and carving using AlphaCAM for Vernelle Noel's Computation and Repair course.

Computation + Repair in Design

Course taught by Vernelle Noel
Heat map from a simulation of advanced Climate-based Daylighting Metrics (CBDM).

Environmental Systems II

Course taught by Tarek Rakha
The Garden Museum site map drawn by Michelle Bunch and Richard Dempsey for Ryan Roark's Representing Renovation course.

Representing Renovation

Course taught by Ryan Roark

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