Architecture Certificates

Architecture + Society

A majority of human beings spend virtually all of their lives within the built environment, yet few people develop the knowledge to analyze architecture thoughtfully and confidently. The Certificate in Architecture and Society will provide Architecture majors and students in other disciplines an opportunity to explore the technological and formal innovations of architecture and infrastructure within their socio-political and cultural contexts. They will learn about buildings’ technical systems, including their material, structural, and climatic performance. Students will also learn about the buildings’ formal order, siting, use, funding/patronage, relation to nature or the city, decoration, and multiple interpretive contexts (philosophical, political, religious, civic, literary, etc.)

The Certificate In Architecture + Society is intended to deep Architecture majors’ knowledge of the historical traditions, theoretical formulations, and critical assessments of architecture by allowing them to cluster several of their elective courses in an intellectually coherent, focused way. For non-majors, it offers an opportunity to gain expertise and build confidence in the analysis of architecture by learning how to articulate, contextualize, and critique architectural concepts of the past and present. Skills in description, analysis, and interpretation, not only offer pleasure in the understanding and experience of many kinds of architecture, but also support informed, engaged citizen decision-making about the built environment. Students learn to think critically about the aspirations, constraints, tools, and choices involved in all architectural design, past and present.

Two REQUIRED Courses

Architecture Majors: 

ARCH 4151, History of Urban Form 3 Credits
ARCH 4803: Theory of Architecture I OR
ARCH 4823: Theory of Architecture II
3 Credits

Non-Architecture Majors:

ARCH 4151, History of Urban Form 3 Credits
ARCH 2111: History of Architecture I OR
ARCH 2112:History of Architecture II
3 Credits

Two Elective Courses from the list below - required for ALL students:

ARCH 4107: Introduction to Historic Preservation 3 Credits
ARCH 4114: Medieval Architecture 3 Credits
ARCH 4120: Atlanta Architecture 3 Credits
ARCH 4137: Post-war Architecture and Urbanism 3 Credits
ARCH 4130: How Do We Dwell? 3 Credits
ARCH 4133: Architecture and the Discourse of
the Everyday
3 Credits
ARCH 4143: Museums: History, Theory, Design 3 Credits
ARCH 4232: On Growth and Form 3 Credits
ARCH 4316: Traditions of Architectural Practice 3 Credits
ARCH 4335: Social Practice of Architecture 3 Credits
ARCH 4630: Architecture, Space, and Culture 3 Credits
COA 3114: Art and Architecture in Greece 3 Credits
COA 3115: Art and Architecture in Italy I 3 Credits
COA 3116: Art and Architecture in Italy II 3 Credits

Sustainable Architecture

Buildings are the world’s largest consumer of energy and a major contributor to greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions and waste streams. The Certificate in Sustainable Architecture provides Architecture majors the opportunity to specialize in design and technical innovations that will increase building energy performance, reduce emissions, use eco-friendly materials, and thereby increase the durable societal value of the built environment. The design and retrofit of energy efficient buildings, better material choices, and improved occupant comfort are the primary skills acquired at the intermediate level through this certificate. Students will understand the foundations of sustainability and learn the skills to apply sustainability ratings, as well as understand the operational role of building systems and the social value of building form and space. Students will also acquire the tools to simulate, measure, and increase sustainability at the building and the urban scale.

The Certificate in Sustainable Architecture is currently available to Architecture majors only.

Three REQUIRED Courses:

ARCH 4227: Architecture and Ecology 3 Credits
ARCH 4226: Green Construction 3 Credits
ARCH 4231: Environmental Systems II* 3 Credits

One Elective Course from the list below:

ARCH 4141: Building Simulation in Design Practice* 3 Credits
ARCH 4151: History of Urban Form 3 Credits
ARCH 4320: Retrofitting Suburbia 3 Credits
ARCH 4447: Urban Ecological Design 3 Credits
ARCH 4805: Design Build South Africa I 3 Credits
ARCH 4801: Design Build South Africa II 3 Credits

* Courses with prerequisites

Computational Design

The Certificate in Computational Design prepares students to develop a skill set in computeraided design and fabrication, built upon an integrated application of design research, architectural geometry, digital theory, and digital design technologies in contemporary architectural practice and research. In addition to addressing computational proficiency, which has become important to the practice of architecture, the certificate also focuses on intellectual concepts that are relevant to the discourse of architectural practice.

The prerequisite courses in Media and Modeling introduce intermediate and advanced approaches to two and three dimensional modeling and representation in architecture, using both manual and digital media and techniques. Students pursing the Certificate in Computational Design take courses in advanced topics of computational design theories and methods.

The Certificate in Sustainable Architecture is currently available to Architecture majors only.

Two REQUIRED Courses:

ARCH 2472: Media and Modeling II 3 Credits
ARCH 2474: Media and Modeling III 3 Credits

Four Elective Courses from the list below:

ARCH 4010: Architectonics 3 Credits
ARCH 4503: BIM Applications 3 Credits
ARCH 4505: Geometric Constructs 3 Credits
ARCH 4507: Parametric Design 3 Credits
ARCH 4508: Shape Grammars 3 Credits
ARCH 4533: Parametric Modeling with BIM 3 Credits
ARCH 4701: Analogue-Digital Design Computation 3 Credits
ARCH 4702: Design Scripting 3 Credits
ARCH 4803: Embodiment + Digital Realm 3 Credits

Construction Management

Juniors and seniors from any Georgia Tech bachelor's program are eligible for the interdisciplinary, professional Construction Management certificate. 

Students in this program are permitted to participate in Building Construction’s annual Career Fair and related career and networking events, and increases your potential for internships in building construction-related positions. Students in this program may also apply to the Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management degree in the School of Building Construction without a GRE.

The 12 credit-hour certificate curriculum includes two required courses -- Integrated Design Construction & Development and Construction Management Project -- and two elective courses from an approved list.

Two REQUIRED Courses:

BC4130: Integrated Design Construction & Development 3 Credits
BC 4140: Construction Management Project 3 Credits

Four Elective Courses from the list below:

BC3600/CEE4110 Construction Cost Management 3 Credits
BC4050 BIM for Multi-Disciplinary Integration 3 Credits
BC4610 Value Engineering & Building Econ 3 Credits
BC4700/CEE4100 Construction Management 3 Credits
BC4710 Green Construction 3 Credits
ARCH2211 Construction Tech I 3 Credits
CEE4120 Construction Operations 3 Credits
CEE4130 Construction Safety & Health 3 Credits
ARCH 3231 Environmental Systems I 3 Credits
CEE 4150 Construction Management and Megaprojects 3 Credits



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