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Architecture Undergraduate International Studio

Architecture Undergraduate International Studio

The Architecture Undergraduate International Studio provides undergraduate architecture majors with a faculty-led semester abroad, eleven weeks in an exciting design-oriented city, where, to a large degree, the city is the classroom. The Junior and Senior-level architecture design studios are supported by three elective courses, each focused on a different scale: the City, the Building, and the Hand. This spring, the program is based in Barcelona.

Learning Objectives

  • To provide a rich learning experience that fosters awareness and appreciation of cross-cultural approaches to architecture, urbanism, and design - both contemporary and historical.
  • To introduce students to the physical morphology of cities and buildings, together with the complex array of events and forces – geography, politics, ideology, identity, conflict – that shape architectural and urban form.
  • To immerse students in the lived experience of contemporary architecture, landscapes, and urbanism in Europe through residence in a city where these disciplines have been operating consistently at the highest level.
  • To benefit from the expertise of local architects, urban designers, artists, and scholars through lectures, site visits, and design reviews.


This program is designed for Georgia Tech undergraduate architecture majors in the third and fourth years of their studio sequence.  Undergraduate students from other architecture schools who meet Georgia Tech criteria for transient students are also welcome.  The program is capped at 14 students.

Program Details

Program Director: Mark Cottle, Associate Professor
Program Dates: February 1, 2020, to April 18, 2020
Program Course List:

ARCH 3855/4855 - Architectural Design Studio IV/VI: Design in the Compact City [5 credit hours]
ARCH 3135 - Institute Social Science Elective: City Literacy: What Makes a Great City Great [3 credit hours]
ARCH 4128 - Institute Humanities Elective: Barcelona Architecture and Design [3 credit hours]
ARCH 4804 - Special Topics Theory Elective: Ways of Seeing [4 credit hours]

Program Cost: All students on this program pay in-state tuition, currently set at $5,004 per semester.  Students are also responsible for the standard Georgia Tech fees, such as the technology fee and the institute fee.  In addition, students pay a program fee of $5,500, which includes housing, travel on field trips, and medical insurance.  The program fee does not cover meals, books, and materials, or airfare to and from Barcelona.


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