Building Information Systems

Building Information Modeling is one of the most important recent technical developments of professional practice, and the School houses world-leading expertise in this field.


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Russell Gentry

Expertise in AEC

The Digital Building Lab (DBL) is one of the leading international institutions in the study of the technical and practice impacts of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The DBL brings students, professional firms, technology companies, and industry advancement organizations together to define the technical standards, design and building process changes, and economic and legislative impacts of redefining practice through new information modeling and management paradigms.

The program’s long-standing expertise in architecture, engineering, and computing (AEC) data interoperability and exchange processes provides the background for developing next-generation, web-connected paradigms for industry data exchange and interoperability. This research track combines the program's traditional strength in developing the means for representing building components and information exchanges with research in the web architectures, data protocols, and project- or enterprise workflows that can be constructed to support next-generation AEC processes.


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