Aerial shot showing members of the Re-Wind Network stand in front of a pedestrian bridge made using decommissioned wind turbine blades
Photo: Conor Graham, from the Re-Wind Network

Georgia Tech Research Makes New Life for Old Blades

Georgia Tech Research Makes New Life for Old Blades

Research on repurposing decommissioned wind turbine blades is making European headlines, as two BladeBridges have been installed in Ireland.

The Re-Wind Network developed the bridges, which use sections of wind turbine blades for structural support. Russell Gentry, professor in the School of Architecture, leads the United States team.

The Network is an international collaboration of academic researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, University College Cork, Queen’s University Belfast, City University New York, Munster Technological University, University College Dublin, and the company. 

The Tech team is developing a third BladeBridge for installation in Atlanta.

Although the first bridge was installed in January of 2022, the team's work has been featured in several media stories in recent months:

Gentry and other members of the Re-Wind Network also presented at the International Energy Agency Wind Task 45 meeting in mid-November.