John Peponis



Ph.D. (Architecture), University College, University of London, 1983
M.Sc. (Architecture), University College, University of London, 1977
B.Sc. (Architecture), University College, University of London, 1976


spatial analysis, space syntax, urban design, design logic, spatial cognition, work environments, museums


Born in Athens, Greece in 1955, professor Peponis is an international leader in the field of spatial analysis and one of the original creators of space syntax. He studies the principles and constraints that govern the generation of built form and its social, cultural and cognitive functions. His publications address the geometric and computational foundations of space syntax; the spatial culture of buildings and cities; design formulation and design languages; spatial cognition; work environments; and museums. Professor Peponis has supervised 21 doctoral theses and was a member of the advisory committee of 20 more theses at Georgia Tech. He has examined 30 theses internationally. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the General Services Administration, Steelcase, Dar al Handasah, Perkins+Will, NCR. As a registered architect in Greece, he collaborates with Kokkinou and Kourkoulas Architects.

2020: Dean William L. Fash Annual Award for Teaching Excellence, School of Architecture, Georgia Tech
2019: Honorary doctorate, University of Thessaly, Greece
2018-2020: Visiting professor, University of Northumbria, UK

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Feng C, Peponis J, 2020, "The definition of syntactic types: the generation, analysis and sorting of universes of superblock designs" Environment and Planning B: Urban analytics and city science 47 1031-1016

Peponis J, 2018, "Introduction. Descriptions and depictions of the city in the mind", in Heraklion, the indiscernible city. Literary paths in urban space. M Moira (Vikelaio Municipal Library of Heraklion, Heraklion, Greece) pp 8-10

Peponis J, 2018, "What does the syntax of space say? Understanding and designing buildings as interfaces" World Architecture 179 33-41 (published in China)

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ARCH6049: Design and research studio
ARCH4017: Senior studio
ARCH3010: Design Strategies
ARCH6228: Analytical investigations in urban design
ARCH8630: Architecture, space and culture