Marco Ancheita



M.Arch, Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S. Urban Design, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor's in Landscape Architecture, University of Florida


Marco Ancheita is a Senior Associate with Lord Aeck Sargent Atlanta with a background in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. His work involves an array of interventions from the master plan level for both emerging and historic cities, site & building scale for early learning centers, higher education buildings, urban developments, and all the way down to the design and implementation of urban parks & plazas with an emphasis on performative landscapes. These scalar experiences are continually utilized to drive his exploration in the negotiation between site, context, and building.  

As a studio instructor Marco operates under the pretense that architecture & urban design should be responsive to the land they occupy and, therefore, all designers should know how to work with site. This manifests itself through the exploration of architecture as landscape, site negotiator, public infrastructure, urban armature, and a combination therefrom.