Rand Zalzala

Rand Zalzala

Candidate in 3.5-Year Master of Architecture degree program

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: The collaborative environment in studio and being in the middle of the city are my favorite highlights here at Tech. There are always activities to do in the city as well as around campus. Being a city person, Atlanta is a great place to experience art, music, and all sorts of cultural events.

Why did you decide to study architecture? I'm drawn to the influence of architecture on our well-being and everyday life; it's a great way to enhance the environments in which we live. I’m personally interested in green/sustainable design, and after having worked as a designer at architecture firms for a number of years, I believe that a degree in architecture will give me the power to make decisions that can positively contribute to the environment.

Student organizations: Equity in Architecture (EQiA), Sustainable Studio​

One word to describe what you thought before you started: Tentative
One word to describe what you think now: Enthusiastic

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