Redesigning Cities student interns set up a classroom for a podcast featuring Chuck Marohn, Kari Watkins, and Ellen Dunham-Jones.

Redesigning Cities

Redesigning Cities

How should existing cities, their systems and policies, be redesigned to address 21st Century challenges?

REDESIGNING CITIES: The Speedwell Foundation Talks @ Georgia Institute of Technology is a series of presentations + conversations between leading urbanists that address 21st Century urban challenges: social capital, equity, climate change, outdated infrastructure, disruptive technologies, and money. The series is hosted by Ellen Dunham-Jones, professor and director of the Master of Science in Urban Design degree in the Georgia Tech School of Architecture.

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Redesigning Cities Returns!

Season 3 kicked off on September 9 with Redesigning Cities with the Green New Deal 

Nancy Levinson of Places led the conversation with Billy Fleming, Wilks Family Director of the Ian L. McHarg Center in the Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania, about design’s role in the Green New Deal advancing equity, jobs, and justice in relation to climate change. 

Headshots of all of the Redesigning Cities speakers from seasons one and two.


Season 2: Episode 13 | Redesigning Cities’ Integration of Ecology with Technology

Marcel Wilson, founder of the San Francisco-based landscape architecture firm Bionic, presents his work in the REDESIGNING CITIES video, extracted from his presentation of the 2020 Doug Allen lecture. In the podcast, he and host Ellen Dunham-Jones discuss shifts in how we’re redesigning the integration of nature as an amenity, performative ecology, and infrastructural technology into cities and landscapes.

Season Two

In Season Two you will hear from Josh Margolis, Dan Matisoff, Chuck Marohn, the Newsweek Momentum Awards, Majora Carter, Carol Coletta, Alan Organschi, Scott Marble, and Marcel Wilson.

Season 2: Episode 12 | Building Carbon Positive Cities

Alan Organschi, partner in Gray Organschi Architecture and on the faculty at Yale University, and Scott Marble, Chair of the School of Architecture and partner in Marble Fairbanks, discuss Organischi’s research on the potential of timber construction combined with forest management to turn cities into massive carbon sinks.

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Season 2: Episode 11 | Redesigning Cities with Philanthropy

Carol Coletta, President and CEO of the nonprofit Memphis River Parks Partnership, and Ellen Dunham-Jones, Director of the Master of Science in Urban Design degree at Georgia Tech and Co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia, discuss the utilization of philanthropy to improve the public realm with an emphasis on parks.

Podcast: Available on Podomatic.

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Season 2: Episode 10 | Redesigning Cities for Low-Status Communities

Majora Carter, a revitalization entrepreneur, presents her decade-long work on 'self-gentrification' and incremental development as a means to stem the stigmatization and brain drain out of low-status communities.

Podcast: Available on Podomatic.

Video: Watch here!


Season 2: Episode 9 | Redesigning Cities for Smart Mobility and Inclusive Innovation

The Newsweek Momentum Award Winners - We are proud to formally kick-off Season 2 in partnership with Georgia Tech’s Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation initiative with the 2019 winners of The Newsweek Momentum Awards. The Newsweek Momentum Awards celebrate the people and cities propelling the world toward an environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, economically viable future of autonomous mobility and smart urban environments. Come hear from the five individual 2019 winners and representatives of this year’s “smartest city in the world.”

Podcast: Available on Podomatic (Part 1) and Podomatic (Part 2).

Video 1: Newsweek CEO Dev Pragad & Medellin, Columbia–World’s Smartest City – Watch here!
Video 2: Jan Gehl, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen – Watch here!
Video 3: Janette Sadik-Khan, Bloomberg Associates, former Commissioner of Transportation, New York City – Watch here!
Video 4: Reuben Abraham, IDFC, Mumbai – Watch here!
Video 5: Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation – Watch here!
Video 6: Carlo Ratti, MIT Senseable City Lab, Carlo Ratti Associati – Watch here!

Season 2: Episode 8 | Redesigning Cities' Investments in Transportation Infrastructure

Chuck Marohn is the President and founder of Strong Towns, a growing movement that questions the fiscal responsibility of sprawl development patterns. He is a civil engineer and city planner whose early career was spent widening roads and advancing auto-dependency in accordance with what he’d been taught. He was interviewed by Georgia Tech’s Ellen Dunham-Jones, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, and Kari Watkins, Olmsted Professor of Civil Engineering.

Podcast: Available on Podomatic.

Season 2: Episode 7 | Redesigning Cities with Carbon Pricing Markets?

How can cities get a double dividend from cap-and-trade programs that mitigate climate change and revenues that fund adaptation? Does market pricing of negative externalities provide cities with a new set of tools for localizing carbon neutral benefits? These are some of the topics discussed by Josh Margolis of the Environmental Defense Fund with Dan Matisoff and Ellen Dunham-Jones of Georgia Tech. 

Podcast: Available on SpotifyApple, and TuneIn.

Season One

In Season One, you will hear from Jeff Tumlin, Harriet Tregoning, June Williamson, Allison Arieff, Maurice Cox, Mitchell Silver, Robin Chase, Gabe Klein, Peter Calthorpe, Rob Kunzig, Joseph P. Riley, and Jess Zimbabwe. 

Season 2: Episode 6 | Gentrification without Displacement?

Is gentrification without displacement possible? Joseph P. Riley, a civil rights leader and founder of the Mayors Institute on City Design will describe his efforts as Mayor of Charleston, SC for 40 years to answer this question in conversation withJess Zimbabwe, architect and Director of the Rose Center for Public Leadership at the National League of Cities and the Urban Land Institute.

Live Event: April 24

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Season 1: Episode 5 | Redesigning Cities Against Climate Change

Peter Calthorpe, author of Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change, planner, and developer of Urban Footprint and Rob Kunzig, senior environment editor at National Geographic and author of Fixing Climate.

Live Event: March 27

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Video: Watch here!

Season 1: Episode 4 | Redesigning Cities for the Collaborative Economy

Episode Four features Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar and author of Peers Inc. and Gabe Klein, author of Start-Up City and former Commissioner of Transportation for both Washington DC and Chicago. They will draw on their broad expertise to discuss both the role of cities in shaping entrepreneurial, collaborative economies and in being shaped by them. Robin Chase and Gabe Klein will be hosting a book signing prior to the event between 5:15 and 6:00 PM at the Academy of Medicine. Books will be available for purchase

Live Event: February 20

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Season 1: Episode 3 | Redesigning Cities' Parks as Social Infrastructure

Maurice Cox, Architect and Planning Commissioner of Detroit, and Mitchell Silver, Parks and Recreation Commissioner of New York City and former APA President will discuss redesigning parks as social infrastructure.

Live Event: January 30, 2019 from 6-8 PM, Historic Academy of Medicine

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Season 1: Episode 2 | Retrofitting Suburbia Too

Episode Two will explore the redesign of outdated, suburban infrastructure and associated aging malls, office parks, and other auto-oriented property types. How are suburbs confronting the challenges of climate change, equity, social capital, and new modes of mobility?

June Williamson and Allison Arieff will present and discuss innovative case studies and the forces helping or hindering their implementation. June Williamson is Associate Professor of Architecture at The City College of New York. She is author of Designing Suburban Futures and co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia as well as the forthcoming sequel. Allison Arieff is Executive Director of SPUR in San Francisco, Editorial Director of The Urbanist, contributing writer to The New York Times since 2006, and recipient of the 2018 American Institute of Graphic Arts Steven Heller Award for Cultural Commentary.

Live Event: January 9, 2019 from 6-8 PM, Historic Academy of Medicine

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Season 1: Episode 1 | Redesigning Cities with Autonomous Vehicles

Episode One on December 4th will kick off the discussion on disruptive technologies with two pioneers at the forefront of smart cities design and regulations. Jeff Tumlin and Harriet Tregoning will present and discuss the leading strategies and questions for redesigning cities with autonomous vehicles. 

Live Event: December 4, 2018 from 6-8 PM, Academy of Medicine 

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