Smart Cities

Smart City initiatives draw on data-enriched infrastructure to create better government services, civic life, and communities. New data sets from sensors, smartphones, and the sharing economy are being compiled to tell us more about activities above, below, and on the ground. New technologies, from autonomous vehicles to intelligent infrastructure systems, promise to increase efficiency. 


Ellen Dunham-Jones profile image

Ellen Dunham-Jones

Director, MS Urban Design; Professor, School of Architecture
Perry Yang presenting at the 2020 Divergence in Architectural Research Symposium

Perry Yang

Associate Professor; Director, Eco Urban Lab

Our Research

Initiatives for smart cities raise many questions. The School of Architecture is particularly concerned about the impact on the design of the built environment and the configuration of public space. Research is helping communities rethink the design of streets, parking, and transit systems in relation to autonomous vehicles. Studies are expanding techniques from high-performance architecture into high-performance urbanism, integrating improved delivery of public services with big data mapping and parametric technologies. Researchers are collaborating with both Georgia Tech’s and the City of Atlanta’s Smart City Initiatives and with colleagues across the Georgia Tech campus working on mobility, digital civics, and economic development.


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