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As the School of Architecture enters its second century, the practice of architecture and construction has changed dramatically since the program’s inception in 1908.  Over the past decade, the School has expanded its curriculum, facilities, and faculty in an effort to adapt and to take advantage of the digital design and construction revolution that has had a significant impact on the practice of architecture.

As we continue to recruit the best and brightest students and the most promising faculty both limited resources for scholarships and fellowships and the strong competition for faculty challenge our efforts. Just as accomplished students have the advantage of acceptance to the top tier programs, rising star teacher-scholars have a wide range of professional choices available to them.

You can make a direct positive impact and a lasting legacy on the architectural education for an undergraduate or a graduate student by creating a scholarship or fellowship to help bridge the gap in funding their education. Once students have cleared the rigors of admission/cleared the hurdle of admission to Tech, it is vital that we have the resources available for scholarships and fellowships for those with financial need.

If you would like to make a difference, you can contact Kelly Smith, Director of Development in the College of Design, to discuss your philanthropic goals at kelly.smith@design.gatech.eduKelly can also be reached at 404.623.6295.

Support the Students

The key to the future design of our cities is our students. Awarding an undergraduate scholarship or graduate fellowship to these talented and ambitious young people can directly impact their success. Competition has never been more fierce and many schools have substantial resources to attract students however you can make a difference by establishing/creating a permanent endowment to fund scholarships or fellowships.

Both individuals and professional firms can create a lasting legacy in the School and in the lives of students through substantial educational and living support.

Support the Faculty

Attracting the most promising, talented and successful faculty—teacher-scholars and practitioners—is vital for our students and for the School.  The faculty is the driving force in the program through their work in the design studio, the classroom and the professional architectural community. Given the collaborative nature of the architectural practice, the School realizes the value of partnerships with architecture professionals who could create essential links between the practice of architecture and the School at Georgia Tech. 

Creating corporate or individual professors of the practice in architecture with a permanent endowment fund would allow for collaboration with the profession for students and for potential opportunities after completing their degree/graduation.

Program Enrichment

It’s simple, both students and faculty are drawn to programs of extraordinary quality—a cutting edge curriculum, rising star lecturers, international study, and digital design within the School. Students want multiple opportunities in their courses, research and professional outreach/connections.

Sponsored design studios, lectures, or internships would have a significant impact on enriching the program in architecture. You can help the School remain at the forefront of architectural education.

Facilities & Technology

Architecture is a discipline that has been highly impacted by major changes in building technology (BIM) and our ability to design and fabricate digitally. The transformation of the Wood Products Lab into the Digital Fabrication Lab has become an enormous asset for our students and faculty. It is vital that the School continue to lead in research and teaching in these realms. In order to offer our students access to current and next generation of technology/equipment the must maintain currency in 3D printing, computer-controlled CNC equipment and production software.

You can have a lasting impact on the quality of the program by contributing to the School’s equipment and technology fund.

Special Initiatives

Reaching out to Atlanta’s professional architecture community to create collaborative and beneficial partnerships for our students and faculty is a top priority for the School of Architecture.  Sponsored lectures, design studios or special projects are just a few opportunities for collaboration to connect your firm to students, faculty and program initiatives.

Getting involved through philanthropy is an opportunity to raise your firm’s profile on campus and to establish a rapport with the next generation of architects.


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