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Class of 2026

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: My favorite thing about being at Tech is the abundance of clubs and communities you can involve yourself in! I've spent time with the rock climbers in the CRC, the music nerds in WREK, the other music nerds in the Musicians Network, and my fellow architecture majors in the American Institute of Architecture Students. There are also a lot of opportunities to connect with communities off campus, including non-profits in the city and organizations around the state. It's easy to find many ways to have fun and give back to your community.

Who do you want to design for? I find a lot of value in designing for existing communities because I like to celebrate their strengths. This comes from my appreciation of sustainability, not only in the environmental sense, but in the equitable sense as well. By designing to uplift the strengths of one place, more enjoyable and educational experiences can follow.

What do you do for fun? There's a lot of cool live music around Atlanta, so I spend a lot of time at concerts with friends. I also like to sketch and have been trying to learn graphic design. I'm training to be a radio host at WREK, too!

Words to describe what you thought before you started: Ambiguous!

Words to describe what you think now: Abstract...

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