Meet Our Undergraduate Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are faculty-nominated student representatives who embody the diversity, talent, and enthusiasm of our School. Our ambassadors are available to answer questions about the School of Architecture and share their experiences about being a student at Georgia Tech. Read their profiles and reach out through email or follow them on Instagram. Our ambassadors look forward to meeting you! 

Jolena Ager headshot

Jolena Ager

Aaliyah Alvarez's headshot

Aaliyah Alvarez

Hayden Blodgett

Hayden Blodgett

Nicole Bridges headshot

Nicole Bridges

Nathan Faircloth headshot

Nathan Faircloth

Spandana Grandhi headshot

Spandana Grandhi

Susanna Greiner Headshot

Susanna Greiner

Garrett Hinton headshot

Garrett Hinton

Bailey Kozlowski headshot

Bailey Kozlowski

Miriam Lowery headshot

Miriam Lowery

Maria Malloch

Maria Malloch

Braden McKnight headshot

Braden McKnight

Addison Moses headshot

Addison Moses

Claire Puckhaber headshot

Claire Puckhaber

Palak Sharma headshot

Palak Sharma

Ryan Stoddard's headshot

Ryan Stoddard

Rahul Subramanian headshot

Rahul Subramanian

Niknaz Tillavaldyyeva headshot

Niknaz Tillavaldyyeva

Rachel Witherspoon

Rachel Witherspoon


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