Ryan Yin

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Class of 2027

Favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech: My favorite thing about being at Georgia Tech might just have to be the view of midtown Atlanta. While seemingly not important, I absolutely love that from almost anywhere on campus, you get an amazing view of Atlanta. It's super refreshing and just makes me feel at home!

Who do you want to design for? I would love to design for a city-based architecture firm! I've just always been super interested in urban planning and sustainable cities, so I would love to work in the heart of a city.

What do you do in your free time? In my free time, you'll definitely catch me playing a racket sport, mainly tennis and badminton though. I also love pursuing photography and videography when I get the chance!

Words to describe what you thought before you started: Skeptical

Words to describe what you think now: Delightful

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